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Welcome to Corksy! Our team of technology, wine and marketing experts are here to help your winery uncork your growth potential with our cloud-based, direct-to-consumer solution for wineries, wine bars, and wine retailers. Take control of the digital aspects of your business that truly matter.

Without-a-doubt, the best decision I have made thus far on behalf of my business was to partner with the Corksy Team to create a semi-custom website. The platform is brilliant. It’s user-friendly and has so many customizations and features I’d wished for with other website platforms. The Corksy team of experts made me feel confident every step of the way and beyond excited that we were building something that would take my business to the next level. Please know that I have had the BEST experience with every single person I have met through Corksy.  I truly cannot say enough good things.

Laura Chester

Details Wine Bar


Solutions For Every Need

Full CRM & eCommerce platform to navigate your business more effectively, manage products, sales & marketing seamlessly, & gain insights with comprehensive dashboards & analytics.

End-to-End eCommerce

Website Builder

Analytics & Reporting​​

Reservations & Bookings​​​

Wine Club & Subscription​


Marketing Automation​

Client Success


End-to-End eCommerce

Full CRM and eCommerce platform to navigate your winery more effectively. Manage products, sales & marketing seamlessly, and gain insights with comprehensive dashboards & analytics.

  • By marrying eCommerce and marketing touch points, easily manage and strengthen customer relationships all from one platform
  • Shape your future production strategy with our 24/7 visibility into order status and wine inventory
  • Keep track of past, current, and future wine promotional items and discounts
  • Gain full access to all DTC wine sales and order management stages from any device
  • Manage your DTC wine shipping and tax compliance with our fully integrated system
Wesbite Builder

Website Builder

Start inspired with our selection of pre-built wine and design templates, providing unlimited customization across your site or specific pages. Mobile responsive website templates ensure your customers checkout experience is seamless from start to finish.

  • Create, customize and refine your wineries website with our drag-and-drop feature, unlimited customization and custom HTML/CSS
  • Mobile-responsive templates optimized for 1st page rankings and page speed
  • Easily build flexible, unlimited landing pages on-the-go and integrate with 3rd party integrations
Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & Reporting​​

Gain full access to all data tracking and reports with the Corksy Analytics Dashboard. We developed a fully comprehensive dashboard so that you can visualize all your data in one easy-to-use space.

  • Create custom visualizations and dashboards across eCommerce, tasting rooms, wine clubs, and events
  • Easily choose a custom date or range selection for historic data across all customer touch points
  • Track progress against key performance indicators, such as total sales, online sessions, AOV, units sold, club signups, tasting room data, and more
Reservation and Booking

Reservations & Bookings​​

Use the built-in Corksy Reservation Tool to make winery reservations & bookings a breeze. Whether you’re managing online sales or in-house reservations, our cross-channel winery management software deducts from the same inventory pool so you’ll never oversell again.

  • Create and engage customers with customized events, descriptors, products listings, timeline, price, and more
  • Tie customer data into POS systems from eCommerce, tasting room, and wine club data for cross-channel inventory dependability
  • Integrate with Tock or CellarPass for seamless reservations & bookings management
Wine Club & Subscription​

Wine Club & Subscription

It’s no secret that wine clubs are a core sales channel for wineries. With the Corksy Wine Club Management Software & Subscription Tool, experience full-scale software to effectively manage all aspects of your wine club.

  • One easy-to-use platform for every wine club touch point, from new member sign-ups to email communications, club processing, subscriptions, and more
  • Corksy aims to increase member retention and growth using optimized personalization and a built-in rewards system


Build relationships with your customers and grow your external business relationships with our mutually beneficial loyalty program. Turn customer engagement into meaningful brand experiences with our built-in loyalty program management tool.

  • Filtering for wine club members and point accumulation with just one click
  • 100% flexibility on loyalty specific collections, products or promotions
  • Choose how your customers can spend their loyalty points with easy on/off functionality
  • Test different loyalty strategies to uncover retention growth for your brand
Marketing Automation_

Marketing Automation​

Get to know your customers from every marketing touch point with our wine marketing automation software.

  • Integrations with technology platforms like Klaviyo and Mailchimp to automate your marketing communications at scale
  • Personalize your direct marketing wine strategy with dynamic segmentation of your customers sales data
  • Easily export your customer segments for further use across your digital media mix
  • Save time with a one stop shop of campaign management across multiple channels
Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 2.09.54 PM

Client Success

At Corksy, the only way we can achieve success is to ensure a customer-centric foundation first. With our 24/7 dedicated support teams, we’re committed to our clients success (seriously, bug us at any time).

  • 1:1 Account Managers are available for monthly strategic calls to guarantee you’re making the most out of Corksy and maximizing profits
  • Dedicated teams that serve as an organic extensions of your in-house support
  • Easily onboard from your current system into Corksy with ease
  • Client success, whether you pay for it or not

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As a team of technology enthusiasts and innovators with extensive experience in SaaS and DTC digital growth, our mission is to provide the wine industry with best-in-class solutions for taking complete control of their DTC operations. Corksy’s modern technology, built in 2022, equips wineries with cutting-edge technology and strategies to scale up, enhance the customer experience, and ultimately, sell more wine.


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At Corksy, we keep international relationships top of mind. Our commitment to providing top-notch e-commerce software to wineries worldwide reflects our understanding that the wine business transcends geographical boundaries.