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mobile-friendly website

Why Mobile-Friendly Websites Matter for Wineries

Discover why mobile-friendly websites are essential for wineries. Learn about Google's Mobile-Friendly Update and how Corksy's website builder can help you stay compliant. Improve visibility, engage customers, and boost sales.
An image of a laptop with winery marketing tools displayed on the screen with a bottle of wine on the desk, along with a phone and a notebook, set against the background of a winery tasting room interior.

Direct-to-Consumer (DtC) Winery Marketing Strategies and Tips for 2024

As the tech and DtC industries evolve and concerns over declining wine sales, especially in younger generations, linger, establishing a strong DtC presence has become increasingly crucial for wineries of all sizes. Here are some strategies to enhance your winery marketing efforts in 2024. 📖 Craft a Compelling Brand Story [...]
A summer vineyard picnic with a picnic basket, a bottle of red wine, a bowl of fruit, a loaf of bread on top of a blanket overlooking a rolling vineyard.

5 Winery Strategies to Boost Sales This Summer

Summer can be a challenging time for wineries, thanks to logistical issues like heat affecting shipping and customers’ busy travel schedules. These challenges can present opportunities for creative solutions to maintain sales momentum and engage customers in unique ways. Here are some strategies to help your winery thrive during the [...]
The image features a person holding a smartphone in a cozy kitchen or living room setting. The phone displays a social media page with wine-related posts and floating social media icons like hearts and thumbs up. Nearby, there is a glass of wine, adding to the casual, at-home wine enjoyment atmosphere.

Social Media for Wineries in 2024

Social media for wineries, a crucial aspect of marketing, can be challenging for many small to medium-sized businesses. Often, the responsibility for managing social media and other marketing efforts is shared among employees who juggle multiple roles within the winery or are outsourced to external agencies. This guide aims to [...]
a bottle of rose pouring into a glass, surrounded by other glasses of rose and white wine, showcasing spring winery marketing campaigns

Winery Marketing Campaigns to Boost Sales This Spring

Spring’s arrival transforms the vineyards, bringing new life and excitement, and it’s the perfect time for wineries to shake things up with creative winery marketing campaigns. Whether it’s celebrating the solar eclipse with wine and a themed Spotify playlist, or spotlighting a tasty food and wine pairing, we’ve got ideas [...]
a search bar with the term "sell more wine with SEO"

Sell More Wine with SEO and Corksy

The wine industry is at a critical turning point in many ways, including on the digital frontier. Today’s wine drinker likes to buy and drink at home, but they’re willing to try little-known wineries from across the country. This trend towards curious, adventurous wine buying is a potential bonus for [...]

Maximizing Your Wine Club’s Potential: Strategies for Growth and Retention

Wine clubs are essential for many wineries, providing a reliable revenue stream, helping with financial forecasting, and creating a community of brand ambassadors. Club members often account for a significant portion of wine sales, both within and outside their allotments, making clubs a critical aspect of a winery’s success. This [...]
a man holding a phone and credit card with a glass of wine on the table next to him, indicating a winery ecommerce experience on mobile

Winery eCommerce: 2024 Trends and Strategies to Boost Your Online Sales

The winery eCommerce landscape is constantly evolving, creating both challenges and opportunities for wineries looking to boost their online sales. With the rise of direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales channels, wineries have a golden opportunity to expand their reach and connect with their customers in more meaningful ways. This article will explore [...]
Wine Bundles showing a rose wine, a white wine, and a red wine with a blank background.

Wine Bundles: A Key Strategy to Sell More Wine

In this wine bundles article, we will delve into the benefits of bundling products, effective bundling strategies including "bundle and save", seasonal and holiday bundles, and the importance of leveraging data and e-commerce for creating compelling wine bundles.
The image illustrates a person engaging with social media, showing intent to purchase from a winery's social media page, surrounded by elements that subtly nod to the vineyard theme. This scene captures the essence of modern social commerce for wineries within the context of winemaking.

Social Commerce for Wineries: Boost Engagement and Sales

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, wineries are increasingly recognizing the power of social commerce as a vital tool in their marketing arsenal. Social commerce, the fusion of social media's engaging capabilities with e-commerce functionality, offers wineries an unparalleled opportunity to connect with audiences, share their unique stories, and [...]
A scene of storytelling in wine marketing at dusk, with a rustic table foreground showcasing an open wine bottle adorned with a heritage-inspired label and a glass reflecting the warm sunset. The vineyard backdrop features personalized artistic and architectural elements, inviting a deeper exploration of the winery's narrative.

The Power of Storytelling in Wine Marketing: Connecting with Your Audience

Your winery's unique story is what can set you apart, attract a diverse audience, and build a loyal community. Let's delve into how storytelling can be the bridge to new demographics and how it can be effectively integrated into your website and overall marketing strategy.
An image showcasing a charming wine tasting room, specially decorated for Valentine's Day marketing. It features an area dedicated to wine bottles for sale, each beautifully wrapped in Valentine's Day themed gift wrap. The bottles are arranged on a decorated shelf or counter, highlighting them as ideal gifts for the occasion. The scene captures the essence of a winery offering a unique Valentine's Day shopping experience in its tasting room.

Valentine’s Day Marketing: 12 Strategies to Capitalize on Love and Wine

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day for flowers and chocolates; it’s also a golden opportunity for wineries to enhance their Valentine’s Day marketing strategies. This holiday is ripe for creative marketing initiatives that can boost online sales, foster customer loyalty, and attract new clientele. Here’s how wineries can uncork the [...]
A winery tasting room brimming with joy and elegance. The room features rustic wooden barrels along the walls, enhancing the traditional charm. At the heart of the space, a large wooden table hosts guests casually yet elegantly dressed, engaging in lively conversation and laughter. Each guest holds a glass of wine, savoring the taste and ambiance. Natural light streams in through large windows, offering a picturesque view of the vineyards outside. The room's decor strikes a harmonious balance between modern and traditional styles, with soft lighting and artistic pieces adorning the walls, creating a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere.

Winery Tasting Room Strategies for Wineries to Increase Traffic and Sell More Wine in 2024

Winery tasting rooms operate in a dynamic and ever-evolving industry, requiring them to stay ahead of the curve. The Silicon Valley Bank’s State of the Wine Industry 2024 report predicts a resurgence in tasting room visitation, with an expected growth in 2024. As the industry rebounds, wineries need to be [...]
a group of wine club members toasting wine glasses with smiles on their faces

Wine Clubs: Strategies to Boost Your Wine Club in 2024

In the evolving wine industry, wine clubs are no longer just subscriptions; they’ve become essential tools for revenue forecasting and DTC growth. As 2024 unfolds, wine clubs take center stage, necessitating wineries to retain their core audience while strategically captivating Gen Z and Millennials. This article delves into innovative strategies [...]
"2024" block overlaying a winery marketing january calendar with a cup of coffee, a pencil, and glasses laid on a desk

50 Winery Marketing Campaigns to Sell More Wine in 2024

As the curtain rises on a new year, wineries are eager to uncork fresh opportunities and elevate their brand presence. To help you set the stage for a successful 2024, we’ve curated an ensemble of winery marketing campaign ideas to jumpstart and enrich your marketing campaign calendar. From enticing promotions [...]
a collage of wine industry images with the text "Wine Industry Trends 2024" and Corksy's logo in the center

Wine Industry Trends: Strategic Insights for Wineries in 2024

As we step into 2024, envisioning the path ahead for wineries sparks anticipation. Drawing inspiration from the success stories of top-performing wine brands in 2023 and the evolving wine industry trends, we’ve compiled a set of strategies to guide your winery through the year ahead, boosting your wine sales in [...]
a glass of wine by the fireplace, showcasing post-holiday cozy wine consumption

Uncorking Success: 7 Post-Holiday Strategies to Boost Sales

As the festive buzz of Christmas begins to settle, savvy wineries are already gearing up for the next big occasion: New Year’s and the post-holiday sales rush. Seizing the momentum from the holiday season, wineries can strategically position themselves for success in January and beyond. In this post, we explore [...]
a corkscrew uncorking a bottle of wine, showcasing the cycle of lifestyle marketing

Lifecycle Marketing for Wineries

Sure, you’ve probably heard the term “lifecycle marketing” thrown around in seminars and articles. It sounds great in theory, but how do you bring it to life? It’s like having the sheet music to a beautiful symphony without knowing how to play the instruments. In the dynamic world of winemaking [...]
a pair of hands opening a wrapped gift with a glass of wine, showing surprise and delight

Surprise and Delight for Wineries: Elevating Customer Engagement

Introduction In the world of wineries, where each bottle tells a unique story and every sip is an experience, the concept of “Surprise and Delight” takes on a special significance. From first-time visitors to devoted customers, creating memorable moments goes beyond exceptional wines – it’s about crafting an unforgettable journey [...]
Winery Holiday Marketing - Gift Sets and Wine as Gifts. This photo shows a wrapped present in front of a basket containing a bottle of wine and 3 wrapped gifts.

Holiday Marketing Strategies for Ultimate Success

Introduction to Holiday Marketing Strategies As the holiday season sparkles on the horizon, wineries are gearing up for a season of merriment and, of course, heightened wine sales. In this deep dive, we’ll look at holiday marketing strategies using Corksy’s advanced discounting system to ensure your wines shine brightly in [...]
a happy woman holding her credit card, indicating that she is making an online purchase and showcasing winery customer retention

10 Winery Customer Retention Strategies for Post-Black Friday/Cyber Monday Success

Introduction: Ensuring winery customer retention is paramount for maximizing wine sales. As the excitement of Black Friday and Cyber Monday subsides, wineries now stand at a pivotal moment to strengthen connections with customers and rekindle engagement. Beyond the rush of transactions, the holiday season offers a unique opportunity to cultivate [...]
Digital Marketing as text with a graphic showing digital channels over a blue background

Winery Digital Marketing Guide

In today’s world, mastering your winery’s digital marketing is crucial for success. As technology shapes consumer behavior, wineries must adapt and leverage digital platforms. To aid your wine brand, we’ve crafted this guide with specific strategies for navigating the online landscape and enhancing brand presence. Build a Strong Online Presence [...]
a women on her phone shopping with christmas decorations

12 Holiday Campaign Ideas Wineries Should Run in December to Sell More Wine

'Tis the season to uncork success and sell more wine! December is the perfect time for wineries to engage customers, boost sales and spread holiday cheer.
2 glasses toasting with red wine. The background shows a happy woman as she looks to the man that is out of camera.

10 Strategies for Maximizing Customer Loyalty: The Art of Post-Purchase Engagement

Post-purchase engagement plays a pivotal role in fostering customer loyalty and turning one-time buyers into repeat customers. This blog explores the importance of post-purchase engagement and unveils strategies to not only retain customers but also turn them into loyal brand ambassadors.
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