About Corksy

What is Corksy's primary offering?
Answer: Corksy is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance Direct-to-Consumer (DtC) & in-person wine sales and marketing. We offer a suite of solutions including eCommerce growth, event management, marketing automation, and more to help wineries and wine businesses scale efficiently.
How can Corksy help me increase wine sales?
Answer: Corksy offers a wine-centric Point of Sale system designed to integrate sales, inventory, and customer management seamlessly. This, combined with our end-to-end eCommerce solution, ensures you have the best tools to maximize sales both offline and online.
I'm not tech-savvy. Will I be able to navigate Corksy's platform?
Answer: Absolutely! Many of our clients praise Corksy for its user-friendly interface. Whether it's drag-and-drop website customization or our easy-to-use Point of Sale & Wine Club systems, we prioritize simplicity without compromising on features.
I already have a website. Can I still benefit from Corksy?
Answer: Absolutely! While it is required to host your website through Corksy, you can utilize our free website builder equipped with pre-built wine and design templates for unlimited customization. If you’re attached to your current design, we offer website replication services at a very affordable cost. Once set up within Corksy, any changes you make will reflect instantaneously. This ensures automatic syncing of active products, wine clubs, events, and more, streamlining your operations effortlessly.
How can I better understand my customers and sales metrics with Corksy?
Answer: Our Analytics & Reporting dashboard provides insights into eCommerce, Tasting Rooms, Wine Clubs, and Events. With custom visualizations and segmenting tools, you can get a granular look at your customers' behaviors and preferences.
Do you offer any tools for managing wine club memberships?
Answer: Yes, our Wine Club & Subscription platform is an all-in-one solution for managing your wine clubs. It offers tools for sign-ups, personalized orders, flexible memberships, and even a built-in rewards system to boost member retention.
Can Corksy assist with event scheduling and bookings?
Answer: Definitely! Our Reservations & Bookings feature allows you to manage winery events, reservations, and tastings seamlessly, ensuring a premium experience for your guests.
How does Corksy help with marketing automation?
Answer: Our Marketing Automation tool integrates with platforms like Klaviyo and Mailchimp to automate your marketing communications. From tagging customers to tracking their buying journey, Corksy empowers you to save time and increase sales.
What kind of support can I expect after signing up with Corksy?
Answer: Corksy is committed to our clients’ success. We provide 24/7 dedicated support teams, 1:1 Account Managers for monthly strategic calls, and even offer growth marketing expertise from our DtC & digital experts.
How quickly can my business be onboarded onto Corksy?
Answer: We pride ourselves on swift onboarding. Starting fresh, a client can be up and running in less than 24 hours. If you are looking to migrate data and payment information, typically, clients can be up and running on Corksy within 5-6 weeks.
What are other businesses saying about Corksy?
Answer: Many of our clients, from independent winemakers to larger wine businesses, have found immense value in partnering with Corksy. They've praised our platform's flexibility, efficiency, and the significant impact it's had on their sales and operations. Check out our testimonials for firsthand experiences.
Why is Corksy different from other wine eCommerce solutions?
Answer: Corksy stands out by offering an intuitive wine-centric platform tailored specifically for the wine industry's unique needs. You'll not only be using an eCommerce solution but gaining a strategic partner for growth.
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