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As a winery, using the right marketing tools is essential to reach and engage your customers. We want to help you achieve your goals and we have perfect tools to help. Below you’ll find materials that can pinpoint your specific needs.
mobile-friendly website

Why Mobile-Friendly Websites Matter for Wineries

Discover why mobile-friendly websites are essential for wineries. Learn about Google's Mobile-Friendly Update and how Corksy's website builder can help [...]
An image of a laptop with winery marketing tools displayed on the screen with a bottle of wine on the desk, along with a phone and a notebook, set against the background of a winery tasting room interior.

Direct-to-Consumer (DtC) Winery Marketing Strategies and Tips for 2024

As the tech and DtC industries evolve and concerns over declining wine sales, especially in younger generations, linger, establishing a [...]

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