Free Marketing Tools from the Growth Experts

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Free Marketing Tools from the Growth Experts

We’re not gatekeepers here at Corksy. We want the same success for your team as we do ours, plain and simple. That’s why we’re sharing a list of free marketing tools that you need to bookmark to efficiently enhance and optimize your winery marketing strategy.

Free Image Sourcing Tools

Starting off with images, there are several free image sourcing tools that can be used to find and download images for use in marketing campaigns, website content, etc. Some popular options include:

  • Pexels: Another large collection of free stock photos and videos that can be used royalty-free.

Pexels free image video sourcing

Source: Pexels

  • Pixabay: A searchable database of over 1.9 million free images and videos that can be used for any purpose.

Here’s a few ways you can use the free image sourcing tools above to enhance your winery marketing strategy:

  1. Use images to create eye-catching and engaging email designs that will help to increase engagement and conversions to your wineries website (whether that’s getting past customers to sign up for your wine club, increase direct-to-consumer wine sales, etc).
  2. Utilize free image and video assets for social media posts, and add text-overlay or additional engaging elements to build your social media presence (see free graphic design tools for beginners in the next section).
  3. Create advertising assets to utilize in your paid media strategy across Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more.

Note that you should always check the license and attribution requirements for each image or video you want to use.

Free Graphic Design Tools for Beginnings

  • Canva: This is one of our favorite graphic design tools used by the Corksy team. It’s easy to use and accessible to anyone, offering a wide range of templates and design elements for creating graphics, social media posts, and other visual content.

Canva free template search example

Source: Canva

  • Adobe Spark: This web and mobile graphic design app allows users to create graphics, web pages, and videos with a variety of templates and design elements.

Bookmark these free design apps when you want to create simple graphics quickly. Gone are the days of postponing your email marketing campaign due to lack of creativity (we’ve all been there).

Free Audience Listening Tools

If you’re new to marketing, you might be asking yourself what audience listening tools are. These tools allow users to monitor and analyze online conversations and mentions of their brand, industry, or competitors.

These tools typically use social media and other online platforms as their source of data, and they can provide insights into what people are saying about a particular topic, as well as track metrics such as sentiment and reach.

Some examples of free audience listening tools include:

  • AnswerThePublic: Utilize the public version with 1 free search available per day. Identify 1-2 words based on the topic, brand or product you’re researching, choose your region and click “Search” to see a plethora of consumer insights you can use to create useful content for your audience (i.e. blogs, newsletter content, etc).

Answerthepublic search query example

Source: AnswerThePublic

  • SparkToro: Search for specific attributes about your audience utilizing the easy drop-down feature, including which websites your customers visit, social accounts they follow, and topics, messagings, and hashtags frequently used to enhance your marketing strategy.

Sparktoro drop down audience feature

Source: SparkToro

We’re big fans of utilizing audience listening tools in our marketing research to better understand customer sentiment and perceptions of our brand. A few other benefits include:

  • Identifying key influencers in your industry and building relationships with them.
  • Monitoring mentions of your competitors and staying up-to-date on industry trends.
  • Improving marketing and communication strategies by identifying the best performing content and channels.
  • Improving customer service by identifying and addressing customer complaints and feedback in a timely manner.

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We want to see all of our customers (& beyond) excel in their marketing strategies as the wine industry continues to revolutionize into the digital age. Have questions about any of the tools above? Drop us a comment below and one of our growth marketing experts would be happy to help.

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