Holiday Marketing Strategies for Ultimate Success

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Introduction to Holiday Marketing Strategies

As the holiday season sparkles on the horizon, wineries are gearing up for a season of merriment and, of course, heightened wine sales. In this deep dive, we’ll look at holiday marketing strategies using Corksy’s advanced discounting system to ensure your wines shine brightly in the holiday market.

Crafting Discounted Bundles

Themed Bundles for Festive Feasts

Curate holiday-themed wine bundles that pair perfectly with festive feasts. For example, create a “Holiday Cheer Collection” featuring wines ideal for Christmas and New Year celebrations, from office parties to friends gatherings to holiday dinners. Offer a bundled discount to encourage customers to purchase the complete set, providing a convenient one-stop solution for their holiday gatherings.


  • 3 bottles of robust reds for hearty winter meals
  • 2 bottles of sparkling wines for toasting
  • 1 dessert wine for sweet moments

Holiday Gift Sets: Bundles at Every Price

Appeal to a wide range of budgets by creating holiday gift sets at various price points. From a “Premium Celebration Collection” to a “Budget-Friendly Toast Trio,” ensure that there’s a curated bundle for every customer. Implement tiered discounts based on the set’s price, providing flexibility for customers with different spending preferences.


  • Premium Celebration Collection: $150 with a 25% discount
    • 2 bottles of aged reserve wines
    • 1 limited-edition collector’s item


  • Budget-Friendly Toast Trio: $50 with a 15% discount
    • 1 sparkling wine for toasting
    • 1 versatile red for holiday meals
    • 1 sweet white for dessert

Implementing Automatic Discounts

Flash Sales for FOMO

Implement limited-time automatic discounts on select wines to generate a sense of urgency and exclusivity. Consider running a “Flash Sale Fridays” campaign as part of your holiday marketing plan, where a different wine is automatically discounted each Friday. Announce these flash sales through email and social media to build anticipation and keep customers engaged.


  • 20% off a bestselling wine for 24 hours only every Friday

Maximizing Promo Code Impact

User-Generated Content Promo Codes

Encourage the festive spirit to flow beyond the bottle by inviting customers to share their memorable holiday wine experiences on social media using a branded hashtag. As a token of appreciation, offer exclusive promo codes to participants, transforming each shared moment into a delightful gift. This not only creates a buzz around your brand but taps into the influential realm of user-generated content. Integrating social media into your holiday marketing plan serves as a powerful amplifier, spreading brand awareness like holiday cheer and fortifying a lasting bond with your customers.


  • Enter our #HolidayCheersContest and receive a 15% off promo code

Unveiling Wine Tasting and Free Shipping Promotions

Virtual Tasting Experience with Exclusive Discounts

Host virtual wine tastings showcasing your holiday collection. Offer exclusive discounts on featured wines during and after the event, creating an immersive and rewarding experience for attendees.


  • 15% off the featured wines in advance of the virtual tasting to drive attendance
  • 10% off the featured wines during the virtual tasting
  • 5% off for 48 hours post-event for attendees

Tiered Free Shipping Thresholds

In today’s online shopping world, fast and free shipping are game-changers. A key part of your holiday marketing should be incentivizing larger purchases by implementing tiered free shipping thresholds. For instance, offer free shipping on orders over $100, and sweeten the deal with a complimentary holiday-themed wine accessory for orders over $150 or $200.

Pro Tip: Studies have shown that people are more likely to splurge when they see that shipping is on the house. You can factor shipping costs into the product prices, making the whole buying experience sweeter for your customers.

Kivelstadt Cellars‘s shipping promotion offered a free upgrade to expedited shipping with a $100 spend.

Data-Driven Marketing

Analyzing Customer Preferences for Personalized Discounts

Use Corksy’s data analytics to identify customer preferences based on past purchases. Leverage this information to offer personalized discounts, making customers feel valued and increasing the likelihood of repeat business.


  • 15% off on a customer’s preferred wine varietal during the holidays with an exclusive promo code


This holiday season, let Corksy’s dynamic discounting strategies be the catalyst for unprecedented success. Craft enticing bundles, ignite FOMO with flash sales, harness user-generated content, and create memorable virtual tasting experiences. Elevate your wine sales, and let the joy of the season flow abundantly. Here’s to uncorking success and making this holiday season your most prosperous yet!

Not yet a Corksy client? Let’s chat about how our our dynamic discounting strategies, enticing bundles, and engaging promotions can make this festive season your most prosperous yet. Uncork the possibilities and schedule your demo today to elevate your holiday marketing game!

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