12 Holiday Campaign Ideas Wineries Should Run in December to Sell More Wine

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‘Tis the season to uncork success and sell more wine! December is the perfect time for wineries to engage customers, boost sales and spread holiday cheer. In this article, we’ll unveil 12 creative holiday campaign ideas to ensure a festive and profitable December.

1. Virtual Tastings & Experiences

Bring the winery experience to customers’ homes with virtual tastings and events. Host live sessions where enthusiasts can sample wines with the winemaker and interact with the winery team. Offer the wines in a bundle ahead of the event to encourage sales and provide attendees with a special discount code at the end of the event to promote additional purchases!

Kivelstadt Cellars offers discounts at different price points. Courtesy of kivelstadtcellars.com.

2. Festive Gift Sets

Curate special holiday gift sets, pairing wines with complementary items such as gourmet chocolates and other snacks or custom wine accessories. Offering bundles can increase the average order value.

Tip: Offer bundles at various price points to hit various budgets, create upsell opportunities and simplify decision-making. Give your customers multiple one-click gifting ideas for a win-win!

3. 12 Days of Discounts

Launch a “12 Days of Christmas” promotion with daily discounts and exclusive offers. This not only encourages customers to check in regularly and subscribe to your email list, but also prompts them to make multiple purchases throughout the month.

4. Customer Appreciation Day

Dedicate a day in December to show gratitude to loyal customers. Offer exclusive discounts, early access to wines, or a special gift to express appreciation. This could be post-holidays as a “thank you” for shopping your winery over the holidays.

5. Virtual Ugly Sweater Contest

Host a social media ugly sweater + your winery contest. Encourage participants to share photos of their sweaters with your wine label, using a dedicated hashtag and tagging your winery. Offer discounts to participants or some freebie to the winner to create a fun and interactive experience, while gaining a ton of brand exposure.

6. DIY Wine Pairing Guide

Create a downloadable wine pairing guide for holiday meals. This not only educates customers but also positions your wines as essential for festive celebrations.

V. Sattui’s digital holiday catalog features a recipe with a wine pairing. Courtesy of vsattui.com

7. Wine Club Exclusive

Leverage your wine club membership by offering exclusive holiday promotions for new members and existing members. Reward loyal members with early access to sales, limited editions, and exclusive holiday events. Promote the gift of wine clubs by offering free shipping on the first order or a special offer for the gifter.

8. Charitable Collaboration

Partner with a local or national charity for a festive collaboration. Donate a portion of your sales to a good cause and promote the partnership to attract socially conscious customers.

9. Incentivize Early Shopping with Free Shipping

Encourage customers to shop for holiday gifts early with a free shipping promotion in early December. Whether it’s on specific products, a minimum purchase threshold, or for one day only, free shipping can be a powerful incentive to drive more sales.

10. Holiday Gift Guide Landing Page

Simplify the shopping experience for your customers by creating a holiday gift guide. Categorize the gifts by various price points (stocking stuffers under $10, gifts under $99, etc) and by the recipient category (gifts for the red wine lover, gifts for the hostess, etc) to help customers find the perfect present for all their loved ones and colleagues in one place!

11. Social Media Countdown

Build anticipation by running a social media countdown to the holidays. Share behind-the-scenes content, festive recipes, and sneak peeks of upcoming promotions to keep followers engaged.

12. Sell More Wine for New Year’s

Sell more wine and extend the holiday excitement into the New Year with a countdown and exclusive offer. Encourage sparkling wine purchases for the New Year.

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