Sell More Wine in Your Tasting Room

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Selling a bottle of wine in a wine shop

Sell More Wine in Your Tasting Room

Tasting rooms are a great place to connect with your customers and provide an educational and memorable experience for both new and loyal guests, each and every time. To maximize revenue and create a memorable experience for your tasting room visitors, it’s key to implement effective strategies that encourage and increase wine sales. The Corksy growth experts have compiled a list of proven techniques to help you sell more wine in your tasting room.

1. Effective Marketing

Consider implementing these marketing strategies to attract more customers to your tasting room and, ultimately, sell more wine:

🌐 Online Presence: 

Create a clean, easy-to-navigate website with an up-to-date tasting room schedule, information about your tasting room offerings, and engaging content such as blog posts or videos about wine education and experiences. Check out our tips on creating a successful winery website here.

📱 Social Media Marketing: 

Leverage social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share images and videos that capture the tasting room experience, promote upcoming events, and engage with your audience.

📧 Email Marketing:

Build up a mailing list of interested customers and send regular, segmented emails featuring exclusive promotions, upcoming events, and new wine releases. Check out our tips on growing your email list here.

2. Start a Wine Club

Implementing a wine club can foster long-term customer loyalty and recurring wine sales. Consider the following aspects when establishing a wine club:

🌟 Exclusive Benefits: 

Offer membership perks such as discounts on wine purchases, priority access to limited releases, and invitations to members-only events and experiences.

🔄 Customization Options: 

Provide flexibility for members to choose the wines they receive, allowing them to cater to their preferences. Using a platform that allows club members to manage their accounts, easily edit their club selections, and view their orders will increase member retention. 

🗣 Regular Communication: 

Keep in touch with your wine club members through personalized emails, special offers, winery updates, and even via phone to nurture and strengthen the relationship and encourage continued purchases. After all, your club members are your best customers!

🚨 Check out more tips on promoting your club here.

3. Offer Engaging Wine Experiences

By offering unique and engaging experiences, you can entice customers to visit more often, stay longer, and increase the chances of wine sales. Consider the following ideas:

🍇 Winery and Vineyard Tours: 

Offer guided tours through your winery and/or vineyard, allowing visitors to see the winemaking process firsthand and gain insights into your brand story. These can be offered on a regular basis or featured as ticketed events on specific dates. Tip: Use an embedded reservations tool to manage your events.

🥂 Tasting Flights: 

Offer curated tasting flights that showcase a variety of wines, encouraging customers to explore different flavors and potentially purchase more bottles.

🍴 Food Pairings: 

Collaborate with local food vendors to offer wine and food pairing experiences that highlight the complementary flavors of your wines. These can be as simple as a wine and chocolate pairing to a more elevated, plated experience.

4. Create an Inviting Atmosphere

The ambiance of your tasting room plays a crucial role in enticing customers to stay longer and make purchases. Consider the following tips:

💡 Warm Lighting: 

In combination with as much natural light as possible, opt for soft, ambient lighting that enhances the wine’s appearance and creates a cozy atmosphere. 

🪑 Comfortable Seating: 

Provide comfortable seating areas where customers can relax, savor their wine, and engage in conversation. Create spaces where guests can mingle and converse with other guests.

🖼️ Appealing Decor: 

Incorporate wine-related artwork, vineyard memorabilia, or informative displays to educate and captivate visitors.

5. Train Knowledgeable Staff:

Well-trained and knowledgeable staff can make a significant difference in wine sales. Ensure your team is equipped with the following skills:

🍷 Wine Education: 

Educate your staff about your wine offerings, including varietals, flavor profiles, and winemaking processes. This knowledge allows them to provide valuable recommendations to customers. Consider offering WSET or CSW courses for your tasting room staff for additional wine information and training.

💁 Customer Service: 

Train your staff to deliver exceptional customer service, including attentive listening, friendly demeanor, and personalized recommendations tailored to individual preferences. Providing top-notch customer service to your guests will increase the customer experience and ultimately result in more wine club members and increased tasting room sales.

🛍️ Upselling Techniques: 

Teach your team effective upselling techniques without being pushy, such as suggesting additional bottle purchases for a discount or joining the wine club to receive amazing benefits. Tip: Use a point of sale system, like Corksy, with built-in upsell tools and an admin-friendly interface to help your staff efficiently sell more wine.


Remember to continually evaluate and adapt your approach based on customer feedback and preferences. With a well-designed tasting room, knowledgeable staff, engaging experiences, effective marketing, and a wine club, you’ll be well on your way to selling more wine and delighting your customers with a memorable wine journey. Cheers to increased success in your tasting room!

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