Uncorking Corksy: Digital Growth Series #5

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Uncorking Corksy: Digital Growth Series #5

Happy 1st week of April! We hope the April fool’s jokes were tame this week as you ramp up your growing season. 😉

With warmer weather upon us, we’ll be focusing on 3 topics to increase foot traffic to your winery (increased $$!), while helping you stay organized:

  • Using Corksy’s reservation tools for events and tastings
  • 3 pricing psychology tactics to increase wine sales
  • Inventory management tools to stay organized

Bookmark this page for easy reference as you uncork your potential with Corksy.

– Corksy Growth Team

Using Corksy’s reservation tools for events and tastings:

As a winery owner, you can engage customers and create memorable experiences with reservation tools that help you streamline your events and tastings. A few benefits include improved organization, increased revenue, and enhanced marketing to attract a wider audience.

Sure, there are a ton of reservation tools out there for wineries, but we’ve built Corksy to meet the needs of all wineries, small and large:

  • Create different package options: Easily create different package options for events and tastings, such as a standard tasting versus a premium tasting. This can help you cater to different budgets, preferences, and event types.
corksy event package customization in reservations tool
  • Allowing guests to book a spot online: Use Corksy’s reservation tool as both an event (wine club appreciation party, vineyard tasting, winemaker dinner) or a tasting at the winery (reserved cellar tasting, reserved bar tasting, reserved large group).We’ve created a reservations tool that helps you customize in-platform based on event-type and easily deploy with our website builder across any page of your website.

    🚨 Tip: Add events to your wine club page, include an events page for one-time or limited events, and tasting reservations on your visits/tasting page. The possibilities are endless with our flexible website builder that lets you create unlimited landing pages on-the-fly.

  • Managing capacity: By requiring reservations, wineries can ensure that they don’t exceed capacity limits for their events and tastings. This can help them maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all guests.
Reservation and Booking tool corksy
Get started on creating your first event in Corksy.

3 pricing psychology tactics to increase wine sales:

Seeing a stall in wine sales? Try these 3 pricing psychology tactics on your website to increase your wine sales:

  • Factor in shipping prices: By including the shipping cost in the final price, consumers can avoid sticker shock when they reach the checkout page. Try factoring in a nominal increase in cost-of-goods-sold (COGS) for shipping and pair with a free shipping threshold of $50 to $99 to minimize the effect on the profit margin.🚨 Tip: Start by using your average-over-value (AOV), top selling wines, and average bottles per eCommerce transaction to calculate a reasonable increase to your retail price.
  • Anchor pricing: Wineries can use anchor pricing to influence consumer perception of value. For example, include a bottle for $40, one for $50, and one for $100, which will help the consumer perceive the $50 bottle as the top seller and the better deal.
  • Scarcity: Wineries can create a sense of urgency by using scarcity. The largest scarcity impact for a winery is making certain products wine club only or wine club first-access. It’s a win-win for wineries!🚨 Tip: Remember to send trigger emails when your product reaches a certain inventory-level. Utilize messaging, such as “Almost sold out – get the last of it today!” email. Read more email marketing best practices to nail down your email strategy.

Try optimizing your pricing pages and ads by experimenting with these tactics to determine their impact on conversion rates!

🚨 Tip: Set up shipping zones easily within the Corksy platform depending on the different states your customer is shipping to. Zones can be set up state by state or you can group multiple states together into zones.

Inventory management tools to stay organized:

Wine inventory management can be a complex and time-consuming task for wineries. Some of the main challenges of wine inventory management include:

  • Monitor depletion tracking in real time: Always know what you have on hand and what you don’t, to avoid outages (resulting in disappointed customers). Ensure, for example, that you have enough of the merlot that is next month’s wine club selection to fill all subscriptions.🚨 Tip: Set up auto-notifications to notify you when stock levels reach a certain threshold.
  • View and manage all of your channels easily: With omnichannel sales, you need a single, centralized inventory management solution that coordinates data for all types of sales, including wholesale, retail, and wine club that seamlessly connects your POS system to track sales on the tasting room floor, online orders from your website, wine club allocations, and more.
  • Move inventory easily: From your bond warehouse to your tax paid locations, Corksy’s inventory module allows you to seamlessly track all inventory movements within your winery, retail and distribution channels. This will also make that monthly TTB report easy! 🎉
  • Make inventory counts a breeze with Corksy’s POS inventory management system: Count your inventory on the fly in your tasting room, warehouse, event spaces, etc. See how easy it is to track your inventory with a Corksy teaser below:
corksy pos omnichannel inventory view

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