Winery Marketing Campaigns to Boost Sales This Spring

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Spring’s arrival transforms the vineyards, bringing new life and excitement, and it’s the perfect time for wineries to shake things up with creative winery marketing campaigns. Whether it’s celebrating the solar eclipse with wine and a themed Spotify playlist, or spotlighting a tasty food and wine pairing, we’ve got ideas to help you sell more wine and connect with your audience in meaningful ways.

April Showers Bring May Wines

  • April Fool’s Day – “This is not a joke” campaign: Launch a playful campaign offering 20% off six or more bottles of wine with a playful subject line. Include the offer on social media for a broader reach.
  • World Health Day: Leverage this day to educate your audience on the health benefits of wine through a carefully crafted social media campaign, emphasizing moderation and the heart-healthy aspects of certain varietals.
  • Solar Eclipse Party: Celebrate this cosmic event by hosting a themed party at your winery or offering discounts on “sunny” wines. Enhance the atmosphere with a curated Spotify playlist of sun-themed songs for your customers to enjoy and share with your followers on social media.
  • Tannat Day and World Malbec Day: Dedicate campaigns to these varietals, sharing their stories, flavor profiles, and food pairings to intrigue and educate your audience.
  • Earth Day: Showcase your winery’s sustainability efforts with an Earth Day event or campaign, highlighting how your practices contribute to a healthier planet. Host an Earth Day vineyard tour where guests can taste the wines in the vineyard that produced them.
  • International Viognier Day: Offer discounts and educational content on Viognier, including social posts that showcase your blooming Viognier vineyard or delve into the varietal’s characteristics.

May Blossoms into Wine Celebrations

  • International Sauvignon Blanc Day: Spotlight Sauvignon Blanc, sharing tasting notes, varietal history, pairing ideas, and stories behind your bottles.
  • Cinco de Mayo: Remind your audience that wine can complement any Cinco de Mayo celebration, perhaps with a special Sangria recipe or pairing suggestions for Mexican cuisine.
  • Moscato Day, Mother’s Day, and More: From highlighting Moscatos to curating Mother’s Day bundles (such as “A Dozen Rosés”), May offers diverse opportunities to engage with your audience. Not to forget, Pinot Grigio Day and the historic Anniversary of the Judgment of Paris offer more nuanced themes to explore.
  • National Wine Day: Celebrate this holiday with a special winery marketing campaign. Offer a discount on all wines that day only or host a special wine day experience, underlining the culture and diversity of wine.
  • Chardonnay Day: Following close on the heels of National Wine Day, showcase your Chardonnay. Offer a discount on 12 bottles or more, highlighting the unique qualities and stories behind your Chardonnay selection.
  • Memorial Day: A time for remembrance, use your platform to honor those who have served, connecting with your audience on a deeper level.

June Winery Marketing Campaigns to Kickoff Summer

  • World Environment Day: A day to amplify your winery’s sustainability efforts. Offer incentives for recycling and sharing how your winery contributes to environmental stewardship.
  • National Rosé Wine Day: Embrace the “Rosé all day” and “Yes way rosé” mantras with discounts and features on your Rosé selections. Ask your social media followers how they “Rosé all day” to encourage engagement.
  • Father’s Day: Create a gift guide and host events that cater to dads, such as a wine & barbecue event.
  • Summer Solstice: Mark the beginning of summer with a campaign that celebrates the longest day of the year, perhaps with a special release or an outdoor event.
  • Lambrusco Day and Prosecco Week: Dive deep into these sparkling wines with education, pairing suggestions, and week-long celebrations that highlight the effervescence and joy of Prosecco and Lambrusco.

As the seasons change, so do the opportunities to connect with wine lovers and enthusiasts. By leveraging these campaigns, your winery can create memorable experiences that celebrate the diversity of wine and foster a deeper connection with your community.

For more campaign ideas, check out our list of 50 Winery Marketing Campaigns for 2024 here.

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