Whether you’re a small boutique winery, just starting out or an established winery looking to expand your DTC sales, we offer plans to help you take control of your growth and sell more wine.

Corksy+ All-In

2.99% transaction fee,
minimum $149.99/month.

2.99% transaction fee

DtC Growth Platform

*2.99% of Transactions or $149.99 monthly, whichever is higher.

Corksy Custom

Custom Solutions & Fees based on Volume minimums

Custom transaction fee

Digital Growth Platform + Marketplace

Site Duplication

Take the stress out of your website worries. We will duplicate your entire site onto the Corksy platform.


Keep your business moving seamlessly. We will migrate all data into Corksy for you with zero interruptions.

Semi-Custom Website

Allow our internal team of designers & engineers built your new modern website.

Additional Packages

Client Success

1:1 Client Success Manager


Monthly meetings

Shared Slack Channel

24/7 Dedicated Tech support

Digital Infrastructure

Website Replication

Semi-Custom Website Design

Data Migration & Integrations

Custom Technology Integrations

Digital Growth Best Practices

Frequently Asked Questions

What features can I expect in each Corksy plan?

All Corksy clients have access to every tool on our platform regardless of plan. Enjoy all features and functionality from Basic to Enterprise plans.

Are there migration costs associated with Corksy?

We do not charge your winery to migrate. Depending on the volume of data you have and your existing platform, a Corsky sales associate will lay out potential costs, resources and professional third-party partners to help assist with your migration.

What are Corksy credit card fees for payment?

Depending on your country, transaction history and transaction volume, credit card fees will vary. Our integrated partners are competitive and will generally match or beat existing rates.

How does the Corksy transaction fee work?

We charge transaction fees based on your gross sales which includes product costs, shipping and taxes.

Are there any additional fees?

No hidden fees here. If you’re using a combination of Corksy and 3rd party apps, there are other optional costs associated with those integrations.

How quick can I expect my winery to be up and running on the platform?

We see clients live within 1-4 weeks of setting up their Corksy store.

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