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In our continuous commitment to customer satisfaction, Corksy is excited to unveil a significant update to our discount system. This enhancement offers wineries and administrators unparalleled flexibility and seamless experiences when managing various discount options.

Discount Types

Order Level Discount

  • Applies to the subtotal with options for $ or % discounts.

Product Level Discount

  • Applies to specific products with options for $ or % discounts.

Free Shipping Discount

  • Admins can apply free shipping discounts on orders.
  • Free shipping discount is combinable with other order or product discounts if configured.

Wine Tasting Discount

  • Exclusive promotion codes cater specifically to wine tasting events.
  • Auto apply options are available for wine club members during checkout (free tastings for club members).

Discount Applications

E-Commerce Orders

Automatic Discounts:

  • Wine Club and general customer discounts are applied at checkout.
  • Combining multiple discounts, with the system selecting the highest value.

Promo Codes:

  • Creation of promo codes with customizable rules.
  • Ability to delete a promo code, triggering Wine Club auto-discount for members.

Automatic Discounts Details:

  • Discounts can be customized:
    • Choose between automatic discounts or creating a promo code.
    • Create criteria rules for the discount.
    • Criteria are based on the number of bottles, cart value, or SKU mix.
    • Set audience criteria (wine club members, all customers).
    • Set a date range.
    • Ability to combine with other promotions or free shipping.

Wine Club Automatic Discounts:

  • Automatically applied to e-commerce, POS, and wine club orders (ex. 20% for Exclusive Members).
  • Applicable to all customer and guest checkouts (ex. 20% off the entire store, no code needed).
  • Discounts are taken in the cart, not on the product listing page.
  • The highest auto discount is applied.

Promo Codes Details:

  • Create promo codes.
  • Set rules and criteria for the code.
  • Only a promo code or an auto discount will be applied, not both.
  • Only 1 code is permitted per order.
  • Customers or admins can’t apply more than one promo code.
  • The ability to delete a promo code triggers Wine Club auto-discount for members.

POS Orders

Wine Club Auto Discounts:

  • Applied in the POS cart for members.
  • Promo codes are applicable, specifically for POS transactions.
  • Inclusive discounts are visible on the checkout screen for split bills.

POS Discounts Details:

  • Discounts are visible on the checkout screen along with the original price for easy reference.
  • Promo codes can be used in POS.
  • Create promo codes exclusively for POS.
  • Apply discounts in $ or % without needing a promo code.
  • Admin PIN is required for discounts over a certain threshold.
  • Promo discounts are applicable to all split bills, ensuring inclusivity.

Manual Orders

Auto Discounts:

  • Automatically applied by admins.
  • Free shipping is automatically applied if an automatic free shipping discount exists for club members.
  • Additional promo codes are applicable.

Manual Orders Details:

  • The ability for admin to apply a promo code, replacing the auto discount when creating manual orders for Wine Club members.

Product Backend

Discounts on Product Setup:

  • Change product prices from the product setup page.
  • Allow double discounting on these items (the sale price plus any relevant discount codes).
  • Offer discounted pricing within a product bundle.

Discount Visibility in Checkout

  • POS:
    • Discounts are transparently displayed in the checkout process, showcasing the discount name, promo code, and the corresponding amount.
  • E-Commerce:
    • Auto discounts and promo codes are shown in the cart at checkout.
  • Admin:
    • Products with sale prices enabled will be shown on the Product Page.

Reporting on Discounts

  • Detailed Breakdowns:
    • Provides a comprehensive breakdown of sale order discounts.
  • Customizable Views:
    • Show the discounts relevant to their analysis, whether it’s by product, customer, or period.
  • Historical Analysis:
    • Identify patterns and best performers to adjust your discount strategies accordingly.
  • Quickbooks Reporting Discounts:
    • Quickbooks lists the discount name or code within each transaction to report sales and revenue accurately.

With Corksy’s enhanced discount options, wineries can now effortlessly boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to refine and optimize our platform to meet your evolving needs.

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