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Multiple Location Inventory Settings

This feature offers businesses new control over their inventory by allowing them to assign inventory to multiple locations and specify deduction preferences for various order types.

Allocate Across Locations

With Dynamic Inventory Settings, you can allocate inventory quantities across multiple locations. Whether it’s wine club, POS, e-commerce, or manual orders, the system allows admins to specify where inventory should be deducted from after every sale, ensuring accurate tracking and management.

Granular Inventory Control: Shipping vs Pickup Orders

Additionally, these inventory settings are based on fulfillment methods for pickup and shipping orders. Businesses can streamline inventory tracking and ensure efficient order fulfillment processes by specifying the fulfillment location for each order type.

Simple Setup Process

Getting started with Dynamic Inventory Settings is straightforward. Admins begin by defining where inventory should be deducted for each order type, followed by specifying fulfillment locations for pickup and shipping orders. Next, admins assign the number of bottles of each SKU available at each location. Once complete, the system automatically deducts inventory from the appropriate locations based on order type and fulfillment method.

Inventory Reconciliation 

In addition to the advanced inventory management capabilities described above, our inventory tool offers further flexibility by allowing you to add, subtract, and set inventory levels as needed. This feature enables businesses to reconcile inventory for various purposes, such as accounting for damages, allocating inventory for samples, or using inventory for marketing purposes. 

Refunding and Restocking Items

If refunds are processed through the platform, the inventory tool will automatically return the refunded item to the inventory source from which it was originally sold. However, users have the flexibility to change the restocking inventory source if needed manually.

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