Introducing a Redesigned POS System

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Streamlined Product Management for Enhanced Efficiency

Corksy is thrilled to unveil a major redesign of our POS system, focused on providing administrators with unparalleled control over product navigation and management. With an emphasis on ease of use and customization, this enhanced design is tailored to meet the unique needs of your sales team.

Efficient Product Search Functionality

Find Products in a Snap with Advanced Search Criteria

One of the standout features of our redesigned POS system is the improved product search functionality. Administrators now have the ability to search products based on various criteria, including product type, name, vintage, and more. This flexibility ensures a quick and hassle-free product search during the checkout process.

Customizable POS Collections and Titles

Tailor Your Product Organization to Your Business Needs

Recognizing that businesses have unique product categorization needs, our new design allows admins to create custom categories that are searchable. This feature ensures a tailored and intuitive product organization, whether for seasonal promotions, special collections, winery event needs, or unique groupings.

Enhanced Home Page Product View

Put Customization in the Hands of Administrators

The home page is the heart of the POS system, and our redesign empowers administrators with customization options. Admins can write custom product titles specifically for the POS, offering a distinct presentation from the website. The ability to toggle product images on and off provides a dynamic and clean display, catering to staff workflow and customer preferences.

Reordering Products on the Home Screen

Optimize User Experience with Dynamic Reordering

To further enhance the user experience, admins can now reorder products on the home screen based on their needs. This dynamic reordering capability allows businesses to prioritize and showcase products strategically, aligning with promotions, seasonal changes, or specific customer preferences.

Benefits for Admins and Staff

Efficient Checkout Times: Streamlined search functionality and custom product views reduce checkout time and minimize customer wait times.

Full Customization: Tailor the POS system to your business needs for a more personalized and user-friendly interface.

Adaptability: Create custom categories and reorder products on the fly, adapting to changing circumstances and customer preferences.

Clear Product Presentation: Toggle product images for a clean and clear presentation, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Experience Efficiency, Customization, and Adaptability with Corksy’s Redesigned POS System

Contact us today to explore how Corksy’s redesigned POS system can elevate your business operations. Stay ahead in the competitive market with efficient product management and a seamless customer checkout experience.

Learn about our additional POS enhancements in our product release notes here.

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