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Q3 & Recent Releases:What’s Coming in Q4:
AutoCharge on POS – Card on File [November 2023]Gift Membership Options
Admin Control of Displays on POS with Toggle Functionality [November 2023]Inventory Management Report
Assigning Membership Manually to Existing Account on POS [November 2023]Refund/Edit Open Orders
Simple Wine Club Signup at Checkout on POS [November 2023]Ability to Create Product Bundles
Advanced Change Calculation on POS [November 2023]Real-Time Inventory Forecasting Report Showing What Inventory is Needed to Fulfill Clubs When Building the Club Package
Tracking Sales and Tips by Staff with Unique PIN [November 2023]WineDirect Fulfillment Integration
Enhanced Customer Search Function [November 2023]“Held” Inventory to Avoid Overselling of Products
Comprehensive Customer View in POS [November 2023]Option to Select Where Inventory Pulls From by Order Type (POS, Wine Club, eComm, etc)
Club Member Recognition on POS [November 2023]Taxation Changes at the State Level
POS 2.0 Redesign [November 2023]HubSpot Service For Admin Help
POS Reporting – on POS and Admin Portal [November 2023]Ability to Archive/Mark Completed Past Wine Club Packages
Corksy New Website [October 2023]Inventory Real-Time Summary
Improvements to Admin Shipping & Billing Functions [October 2023]Redesign of Email Templates
Enhancements to the Customer Portal, including the Ability to Create Orders and Add Club Memberships [October 2023]Failed Card/Compliance Issue Notifications
New Wine Club Checkout [October 2023]Multiple Products for Variants
Drag-and-Drop Product Ordering [October 2023]Ability to Set Pick Up Only in Checkout Settings
Improved Product Listings Design [October 2023]Reason for Cancellation Option
Custom Email Notifications [October 2023]New Filter Design and Functionality
New Reporting Tools and Export Reporting Tools [October 2023]3D Credit Card Processing
Bulk Process 10+ Items at Once [October 2023]Remember Customer Sign-in for All Widgets
Order Export Function in POS [October 2023]
Compliance Error Messaging in Customer View for Address or SKU Error [October 2023]
Sync and Show Product Name and SKU in Quickbooks [October 2023]
Export by Wine Club Level [October 2023]
Customer Ability to Change Club Delivery Preference Between Ship and Pickup [October 2023]
Auto-tagging Rules for Customer Type (Wine Club, Prospect, 1st Time Purchaser, Returning, Inactive) [October 2023]
Non-compliant Filter in Wine Club Package Page [October 2023]
Filter wine club pickup orders [October 2023]
Comprehensive Customer View [October 2023]
Booking Filters for Reservations [October 2023]
Ability to Filter Non-Custom Wine Club Orders [October 2023]
Remove Reservation Time Slot [October 2023]
Renaming of Exports to Include More Detail [October 2023]
Enhanced Order Report, Customer Report, Reservations Report, Marketing and Wine Club Reports [October 2023]
Search and Filter Customer by Tag; Display Tag as Additional Column [October 2023]
Order Payment Status Change to Refund for Refunded Orders [October 2023]
Tax Exemption Setting Added for Quickbooks [October 2023]
POS Discounting – Automatic Application of Higher Discounts When Multiple Discounts are Available (no stacking) [October 2023]
POS Alert for Card Failure at Checkout [October 2023]
Display All Product Files in Individual Product Pages [October 2023]
Show Detail Compliant Message on Admin Portal [September 2023]
Introduction of the Free Shipping Discount [August 2023]
Set the Default Shipping Rate for Wine Club [August 2023]
Wine Club Open Package Notifications to Members [August 2023]
Ability to Modify Products and Addresses Within the Club Order to Fix Compliance Issues [August 2023]
Search Wine Club Members with Phone Number and Email [August 2023]
Bulk Fulfillment Option Directly From the Wine Club Package Page [August 2023]
Option to Modify Delivery Preference on Individual Membership Page [August 2023]
Admin-Only Custom Shipping Rates [August 2023]
Quickbooks Class Setup [August 2023]
Ability to Assign Manual Membership on Admin Panel [August 2023]
Admin Ability to Edit Quantities in Wine Club Order After Club Selection Has Been Confirmed [August 2023]
Ability to Reprocess Failed Wine Club Orders [August 2023]

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