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Corksy’s new order management tool empowers businesses with unprecedented flexibility in managing orders, regardless of status. With the ability to edit orders at various processing stages, our tool ensures 1-click order management, compliance tracking, and an easy-to-use management tool.

Three Distinct Capabilities of Corksy’s Order Management Feature:

1. Edit Orders (Unfulfilled Status)

First is the ability to edit the order while it’s still unfulfilled. When the order is in an unfulfilled status, it is assumed that it has not left your location yet and therefore can be edited.

With this status, you can:

  • Add or remove a discount
  • Override a wine club discount
  • Add or remove shipping fees
  • Change an order from pickup to shipping and vice versa
  • Add or remove products

In the unfilled status, users can modify orders with unparalleled flexibility: from adding or removing discounts to changing shipping methods. Edits can incur refunds or additional charges, and orders can be adjusted multiple times as needed.

2. Cancel Orders (Unfulfilled Status)

For orders yet to be fulfilled, users have the option to cancel them entirely, resulting in a full refund to the customer.

3. Refund Orders (Fulfilled Status)

Even after an order is fulfilled, Corksy’s tool allows for refunds to be issued. When the status is fulfilled, we assume it has left your location. Refunds can be made for these orders but you cannot add additional charges. If you need to make additional charges, please create a new order.

Various refund options are available, including refunds for the entire order subtotal, partial refunds, refunds for shipping or discounts, or refunds for specific products.

Compliance Checks and Discount Validation

Our tool ensures compliance with regulations and validates discount criteria with every change. Compliance is re-checked whenever orders are modified, ensuring adherence to legal requirements. Additionally, the system verifies promo codes and wine club discount criteria, automatically removing discounts if criteria are no longer met.

Seamless Payment Processing

The system seamlessly charges or refunds the card on file with each change, providing convenience and efficiency in payment processing. Please note that at this time, cash orders cannot be edited or refunded.

Detailed Order History and Notes

Every order modification is meticulously recorded in the order history, allowing users to track adjustments over time. Furthermore, users can add notes to each order change, providing context and clarity regarding the reason for the modification.

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