Elevate Customer Experience: Seamless Wine Club Sign-Up

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At Corksy, we are excited to introduce a groundbreaking feature that will transform the way wineries engage with their customers. Our Winery POS System now offers a seamless post-checkout sign-up process for wine clubs, making membership enrollment effortless and rewarding for both customers and staff.

Streamlining the Sign-Up Process

Say goodbye to lengthy sign-up forms and manual entries. Our innovative POS system simplifies the wine club sign-up process, ensuring a smooth experience for your customers. After completing their purchase, customers are presented with a unique opportunity to join your exclusive wine club, enhancing their overall journey with your brand.

Essential Information for a Successful Sign-Up

The process is designed to gather essential information while keeping it quick and user-friendly:

  1. Name: Personalize future communications by prompting customers to enter their name.
  2. Email Address: Stay connected with customers through their primary means of communication, providing updates, exclusive offers, and event information related to the wine club.
  3. Shipping Address: Ensure accurate and timely delivery of exclusive selections by collecting the necessary shipping information. For convenience, previously used addresses can be easily selected.
  4. Billing Address: Secure the payment process and maintain accurate customer records with the inclusion of a billing address. If saved on file, this information can be quickly selected.
  5. Payment Method: Complete the wine club sign-up by allowing customers to provide their preferred payment method, which will be saved for future use.

Staff Rewards and Record-Keeping

As an added benefit, our POS system records the staff member responsible for completing the wine club sign-up. After entering their PIN, sales associates’ success in signing up new wine club members is recorded on the back end. In the Admin Portal reports tab, easily track the number of wine clubs each sales associate has signed up through this feature. This information is invaluable, especially for those offering commissions for wine club sign-ups.

Elevate Your Winery’s Potential

With Corksy’s Winery POS System, you not only simplify the wine club sign-up process but also enhance the overall customer experience. Revolutionize the way you engage with your customers and reward your staff for their success. Elevate your winery’s potential with our seamless and innovative post-checkout sign-up option.

Ready to transform your winery’s customer journey? Discover the power of Corksy’s Winery POS System today.

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