Boost Sales with Corksy’s New Free Shipping Discount Feature

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Boost Sales with Corksy’s New Free Shipping Discount Feature!

We’re excited to introduce a feature to help you sell more wine: Free Shipping Discounts! Free shipping continues to top the list of most valuable eCommerce promotions in the eyes of the consumer, and this feature allows you to offer that effortlessly.

How It Works

With Corksy’s Free Shipping Discount feature, you have the power to offer your valued customers free shipping on certain products or even their entire orders. It’s the kind of promotion that can turn a browsing wine enthusiast into a loyal customer (and hopefully wine club member!).

Automatic Discounts for Wine Club Members

For your wine club members, we’ve made it even easier. Corksy allows you to apply free shipping automatically, so your wine club members can enjoy this fantastic perk hassle-free. It’s a great way of saying thank you for their loyalty.

Promo Codes for Non-Members

For non-members, offering free shipping is just as simple. You can create a special promotional code, and your customers can enter it during checkout to unlock the free shipping discount. This way, you can attract new customers and reward your existing ones with this enticing offer.

Customize to Your Liking

The flexibility of Corksy’s Free Shipping Discount feature is one of its standout features. You can tailor it to meet your specific needs.

Here’s how:

1. Minimum Requirements: 

Choose whether you want to set minimum requirements for the discount to apply. You can specify a minimum purchase amount in dollars, a minimum quantity of items, or simply offer it with no minimum requirement. This flexibility lets you craft promotions that suit your business strategy.

2. Combine with Other Discounts: 

Corksy understands that your sales strategy might involve multiple discounts. That’s why we let you combine the free shipping discount with other order discounts. It’s all about maximizing value for your customers.

3. Duration: 

Decide how long you want the free shipping discount to be available. Whether it’s a flash sale, a month-long promotion, or an evergreen free shipping threshold, you have full control over its duration.

Special Note: Wine Club Exemption

Please note that this free shipping discount will not apply to wine club orders by default and is currently only applicable to eCommerce orders. However, if you wish to extend this perk to your wine club members, our platform allows the admin to manually apply the promotional code on the back end.

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