Introducing Admin-Only Custom Shipping Rates

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Introducing Admin-Only Custom Shipping Rates

At Corksy, we’re committed to enhancing your wine club management experience. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our latest feature, “Admin-Only Custom Shipping Rates.” Designed exclusively for administrators, this feature offers unprecedented flexibility and control over shipping logistics while ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Why Admin-Only Custom Shipping Rates Matter:

Managing shipping logistics for a wine club or any wine-related business can be intricate, and there are times when you need to apply specific shipping rates discreetly, without revealing them to your customers. This is where our “Custom Shipping Rates” setting steps in, empowering administrators to create and apply unique shipping prices behind the scenes. These rates won’t be visible during the customer checkout process, making it an ideal solution for wine clubs, manual orders, and point-of-sale transactions.

How to Use the “Custom Shipping Rates” Setting:

  1. Access the Custom Shipping Rates Setting: Log in to your Corksy account, go to the Settings tab, and select “Shipping and delivery.” Within the “Setup Manual Shipping Rates” box, click “Manage Rates.”
  1. Create a Custom Shipping Rate: In the rate settings, navigate to the state or regions for which you want to create a custom shipping rate. If you haven’t set up states and regions, you can create a nationwide rate. Once in the correct section, click “Add Rate.”
  1. Define the Shipping Cost: Set the parameters for the shipping rate. Crucially, to create an Admin-only shipping rate, choose “Custom Rate” as the Shipping Speed.
  1. Custom Rate Settings: After entering all the necessary details, check the box labeled “Available On” and select “Show Admin-Only.” Click “Save.”

Now, when processing customer orders from the back-end, administrators can manually apply these custom shipping rates discreetly. This ensures that customers are charged the correct amount while keeping your unique shipping costs confidential.

Benefits of Custom Shipping Rates:

– Tailored Pricing: Customize shipping rates to match the specific needs of each order.

– Flexibility: Have full control over how shipping costs are applied to customer orders, providing you with greater flexibility in managing logistics.

– Create Incentives: Offer Admin-Only shipping rates on certain order values in real-time, providing an opportunity to upsell products.

– Simplified Wine Club Logistics: Streamline your wine club’s shipping process while accommodating individual customer requirements, making life easier for both administrators and customers alike.

With Admin-Only Custom Shipping Rates, we’re putting the power of customization and flexibility in your hands. Simplify your wine club logistics, offer tailored pricing, and keep your unique shipping costs discreet—all with Corksy. 

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