Introducing Toggle Functionality in Corksy’s Winery POS System

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In our commitment to providing unparalleled flexibility in retail technology, Corksy is thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking enhancement to our Winery POS System – the Toggle Functionality. This feature empowers wineries to tailor their Point of Sale (POS) display with a simple ON/OFF switch, ensuring a seamless and personalized checkout experience. Read on to discover the key customizable functionalities that can transform your winery’s operations.

Display Product Image at POS Checkout: Enhancing Visual Appeal

With Corksy’s Winery POS System, businesses now have the option to display product images at the checkout with a simple toggle. This feature enhances the visual aspect of the checkout process, providing your staff with a clearer view of selected items and elevating the overall customer experience.

Show Wine Club Subscription Upsell Popup: Strategic Promotions

Admins can now enable or disable the Wine Club Subscription Upsell Popup window at the POS checkout. This flexibility allows businesses to strategically promote wine club memberships based on preferences and interactions, maximizing the potential for upsells and enhancing customer engagement.

Tip Collection Popup at POS Checkout: Seamless Tipping Experience

Tailor your approach to tipping with the Toggle Functionality for the Tip Collection Popup window. Businesses can choose to enable or disable this feature, providing a seamless and user-friendly tipping experience for both staff and customers at the POS checkout.

Allow Use of Saved Cards: Flexible Payment Processes

Corksy’s Winery POS System now allows admins to toggle the functionality of using saved cards for transactions. This flexibility ensures that businesses can align their payment processes with security protocols and customer preferences, providing a secure and efficient payment experience.

Disable Mandatory Fields: Streamlined Checkout Process

Admins can now choose to disable mandatory fields at the POS checkout, such as first name and last name. This streamlines the checkout process, particularly in scenarios where minimal customer information is required, ensuring a quicker and more expedited experience for both staff and customers.

Elevate Your Winery’s Checkout Experience with Corksy

Explore the power of customization with Corksy’s Winery POS System Toggle Functionality. Whether you’re looking to enhance visual appeal, promote wine club memberships strategically, or streamline the checkout process, our new features have you covered. Stay ahead in the dynamic world of retail technology – experience the future of winery POS systems with Corksy.

Discover more at Corksy.com and revolutionize your winery’s point of sale experience today.

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