Product Bundles to Sell More Wine

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Introducing product bundles! This addition to Corksy’s platform allows businesses to create dynamic bundles consisting of multiple products under a single SKU, offering flexibility in product offerings and pricing. Read our article on bundle strategies here.

Customized Product Bundles

With Product Bundles, you can curate bundles comprising various product types, including wine, food, merchandise, and more. Admins have the freedom to set bundle prices independently, allowing for competitive pricing strategies tailored to customer preferences.

Flexible Inventory Management

Product Bundles offer flexible inventory management options. Admins can choose to deduct inventory directly from the bundle SKU or opt to subtract inventory from the individual SKUs included in the bundle. This ensures accurate inventory tracking and enables businesses to maintain control over stock levels.

For example, if you choose to only sell 10 bundles but you technically have 50 SKUs available for sale, the bundle will be “sold out” once the 10 bundles are sold. 

Simple Product Bundles Creation Process

Admins first create individual SKUs for each product they wish to include in the product bundles. These SKUs can be existing products or unique offerings exclusively available through bundles. For example, if you have a rare SKU that you only want available for purchase through a bundle, you can create rules where it can only be bought through the bundles and not by itself. 

Comprehensive Reporting

Bundles are integrated into reporting, providing admins with valuable insights into bundle performance. Reports display bundle sales by the Bundle SKU name. Reports also include a breakdown of SKUs included in each bundle, offering granular visibility into bundle composition.

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