Streamlined Wine Shipping in Corksy’s Point of Sale

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New Feature: Create a Single Order with Pickup and Shipping Items in Corksy’s Point of Sale

Traditionally, customers faced the challenge of creating separate orders for pickup and shipping items, leading to a cumbersome process for both users and administrators, especially on a busy day in a tasting room. With our innovative solution, users can now designate products for pickup or shipping within a single order, streamlining the purchase experience and simplifying backend order management.

Effortless Differentiation

The new feature allows customers to effortlessly indicate which items they wish to pick up in person and which items they want shipped to their doorstep. This eliminates the need for separate orders, enhancing the overall user experience and reducing complexity in the purchasing process.

Compliance Checks

Our system goes beyond convenience by conducting compliance checks for both pickup and shipping items. It ensures that pickup items are checked for compliance in your physical location while shipping items undergo a second compliance check to verify their legality in the customer’s state of residence.

Real-Time Shipping Quotes

Admin users can now provide quick and accurate shipping quotes in person. By entering the customer’s zip code, the system calculates estimated shipping costs based on the weight of the items and shipping distance. This eliminates the need for lengthy customer details during in-person sales, allowing for a smoother transaction process.

Unified Order Management

On the backend, the system intelligently consolidates pickup and shipping items into a single order, offering a unified view for administrators. This not only simplifies order tracking but also enhances the efficiency of backend operations.

Optimized Fulfillment Process

Fulfillment processes are optimized to align with the nature of the items. Pickup items are marked as “fulfilled” immediately, reflecting the completion of in-person transactions. Shipping items remain marked as “unfulfilled” until a tracking number is generated, ensuring accurate post-purchase logistics.

Automated Shipping Label Creation

Our system allows for the creation and purchase of shipping labels directly within the platform. An automated email, complete with the tracking information, is generated and sent to the customer, providing real-time updates on their shipped items.

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