Introducing Corksy’s Comprehensive Customer View within the POS

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Revolutionizing Customer Interaction

In the world of wine, personalized customer experiences are as essential as the grapes themselves. Corksy is excited to announce the integration of a Comprehensive Customer View within our Winery POS System, designed to empower wineries with an unparalleled approach to customer management.

The Power of Information at Your Fingertips

Managing customer relationships effectively just got easier. With our Comprehensive Customer View, all the vital customer information is now available directly in the POS. This feature provides your staff with the tools they need to excel in customer service, whether they are preparing for visits, hosting tables, or completing transactions.

Effortlessly access and manage customer data, including:

Open Wine Club Orders & History

Gain valuable insights into your customer’s preferences and behavior with quick access to a detailed history of all their orders. This feature equips your staff with the knowledge they need to enhance the customer experience and quickly check for outstanding wine club orders.

Wine Club Details

Ensure a seamless and personalized wine club experience for your members by effortlessly viewing and managing wine club orders. Corksy’s POS System is now your gateway to a more organized and customer-centric wine club management.

Notes & Additional Details

Get a snapshot of your customer’s membership status, plan details, and special perks they enjoy. With this information at your fingertips, you can create a truly tailored experience for each customer.


Effortlessly manage customer addresses, making updates or adding new locations as needed. Streamline the shipping process and ensure accurate deliveries with Corksy’s integrated address management.

Change Primary Address

Direct all orders and communications to the right location by easily setting or updating the customer’s primary address. Enhance the accuracy of your customer interactions with this straightforward feature.

Change Payment Method

Facilitate hassle-free changes to a customer’s payment method, providing flexibility for them and safeguarding successful transactions. With Corksy’s Winery POS System, adaptability is at the core of customer satisfaction.

Assign Tags

Label and categorize customers for targeted marketing campaigns or personalized communication. Streamline your marketing efforts and enhance customer engagement with this powerful feature.

How to Make the Most of the Comprehensive Customer View

Log in to Your Corsky POS System: Begin by logging in to your POS System on the Corksy platform.

Navigate to the Customer Management Section: Access the customer section to view a comprehensive list of all your customers.

Select a Customer: Choose the customer you want to view or manage. Click on their profile to open the Comprehensive Customer View.

Explore Customer Information: In this consolidated view, discover all the details you need to serve the customer effectively. Use the available options to make changes or updates as necessary.

At Corksy, we believe that the key to exceptional winery management lies in understanding and serving your customers better. With the introduction of our Comprehensive Customer View in the Winery POS System, we invite you to elevate your winery experience. Start optimizing your customer interactions today!

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