Analytics & Reporting

With Corksy’s Analytics Dashboard, gain complete access to all your data tracking and reports. Our fully comprehensive, dynamic dashboard gives you a centralized location to visualize all your data in a simple and easy-to-use space. Better data = more revenue.

Overview and Customization

Analytics Reports Overview:
Access in-depth reports covering all aspects of your sales data through our comprehensive dashboard. This helps you optimize your performance and exceed your goals.

Custom Visualizations:
Create tailored visualizations and dashboards to track your brand’s growth across various platforms like eCommerce, Tasting Rooms, Wine Clubs, and Events.

Custom Date Selection:
Effortlessly choose a specific date or range to review historic data across all customer touchpoints, creating a smooth merger of your sales and marketing data.

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Monitoring and Insight

Key Performance Indicators:
Monitor your progress against vital metrics for your brand, such as total sales, online sessions, AOV, club signups, daily tasting room sales, and more.

Customer Behavior Analysis:
Gain valuable insight into your customers’ buying habits, wine club trends, and other vital metrics. This data empowers you to adjust strategies as needed and measure your success effectively.


Reporting and Integration

Easy Reporting:
Funnel your business data into pre-saved reports, simplifying the process of sharing vital information with key stakeholders.

Quickbooks Integration:
Our robust Quickbooks integration ensures that sales and tax reports are automated. This eliminates concerns about missed transactions or refunds, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

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