Analytics & Reporting

With Corksy’s Analytics Dashboard, gain complete access to all your data tracking and reports. Our fully comprehensive, dynamic dashboard gives you a centralized location to visualize all your data in a simple and easy-to-use space. Better data = more revenue.

Analytics Reports


  • Access in-depth reports covering all aspects of your sales data through our comprehensive dashboard, allowing you to optimize your performance and exceed your goals.
  • Create custom visualizations and dashboards to track your brand’s growth across eCommerce, Tasting Rooms, Wine Clubs, and Events. 
  • Effortlessly select a custom date or range selection for historic data across all customer touchpoints, seamlessly integrating your sales and marketing data.
  • Monitor your progress against key performance indicators for your brand, including total sales, online sessions, AOV, club signups, tasting room sales by day, and more. 
  • Gain valuable insight into your customers’ buying habits, wine club trends and much more so you can shift strategies where needed and track your success. 
  • Easily funnel your business’s data into pre-saved reports, making it simple to share with important stakeholders.
  • Our full Quickbooks integration automates sales and tax reports so you never have to worry about missing a transaction or refund.

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