End-To-End eCommerce

Best-in-Class Checkout Experience


Our seamless checkout creates a user experience that is effortless and quick on any device – desktop, tablet, or any mobile device. 

With quick add options, in-cart upsell and club join tools, and easy cart views, Corksy’s built-in advanced e-commerce solution helps wineries increase cart conversions and drive more revenue.

Our simple checkout allows existing customers to checkout with just one click. First time shoppers can checkout in as little as just a few fields, all while viewing their cart and real-time pricing. 

CRM/Customer Management for Wineries


Turn first time visitors into lifelong customers. Our best-in-class winery CRM provides a wealth of information about your customers in one centralized location. 

By integrating eCommerce, POS, wine club, and marketing touchpoints, you can create, manage and strengthen customer relationships, all from one modern platform.

  • Gain insights into your customers’ purchasing habits, tasting preferences, and other important attributes, allowing you to better understand what your customers and wine club members want. 
  • Our dynamic tagging allows you to manually or automatically tag your customers based on the criteria you select for seamless segmentation and marketing automation.
  • With tailored insights and resources at your fingertips, you can proactively customize your direct marketing strategy and deliver content to the right audience, at the right time.
  • You can also create comprehensive customer profiles, making it easy to manage your contacts, enhance your customer relationships, and provide top-notch service.

Inventory & Product Management


Take control of your business by managing your products, collections, events and inventory in real-time with Corksy. 

Our 24/7 visibility into order status and wine inventory empowers you to make data-driven decisions about future sales strategies. 

  • Seamlessly add and organize products and collections to your website or tasting room.
  • With Corksy, you can track multiple locations such as Tasting Rooms, warehouses, and event spaces, and avoid out-of-stock conditions. 
  • Real-time visibility into product inventory will help you improve customer service, boost efficiency, and shape your marketing strategies.
  • Simply transfer your inventory between locations from any device with our built-in inventory management tools.
  • Cloud-based access means that your team can access inventory insights across products and collections on-the-go, so you’re always in control.

Promotional Items and Discounts


Our best-in-class management system allows you to keep track of all past, current and future promotions in one spot, allowing you to monitor and analyze the success of all promotions. 

Our fully automated system takes the worry out of manually applying discounts and organizes all promotions in a simple snapshot. Never worry about accidentally stacking discounts again!

  • Easily set up offers on discounted packages, individual products, events, tasting room experiences, and more.
  • View all active discounts with easy filtering options.
  • Unlimited customization of promotional items means you can easily activate or automate specials, set usage requirements, active dates, and discount types (% off, $ off, #).
  • Conditional automation features allow you to set discount codes on a product, collection of products, or the full order when a product gets added to a customer’s cart or if a customer spends a certain amount. 
  • Leverage Corksy’s discount and promotional features to run repeat purchase, upsell, and cross-sell strategies.

Sales and Order Management


With DTC being one of the most lucrative sales channels for wineries, gain full access to all DTC wine sales and order management stages from any device.

No order is too big for our bulk fulfillment, with DTC wine shipping labels and packing slip printing capabilities for wineries of every size.

  • Receive full draft order capabilities, whether it’s over the phone, through email invoices to customers or collecting payments. Filter by a multitude of identifiers such as order status, delivery method, location, date, and more.
  • Powerful and flexible order management and bulk-processing with 24/7 visibility into order status, SKU inventory and payment status. Bulk shipping labels and packing slips are effortless for streamlined fulfillment. 
  • Better engage and connect with your customers with optimized checkout experiences built into the back-end. Track commonalities based on your customer’s online behavior and tasting palette to upsell and cross-sell on future orders. 
  • Motivate your customers to complete the checkout process with our abandoned cart reminders, promotion and discount capabilities. Give customers real-time order tracking through email & SMS.

Analytics & Insights


Create custom dashboards & analytics reports based on your brand’s data to hammer down on day-to-day changes for effortless reporting and strategic planning.

Make real-time, data-driven decisions with insights into your customer’s online and in-person experience, allowing you to tailor your marketing automations and campaigns to segmented lists of customers or provide personalized messaging to customers based on their actions. 

Our live dashboard provides 24/7 visibility into website traffic, eCommerce sales, wine club performance, and all marketing touchpoints all in one place.

Create custom reports with advanced filtering and customer segmentation to see the true value of your brand. Save custom reports, dashboards and visualizations for quick insight into your key performance indicators.

DTC Shipping and Tax Compliance


Manage your DTC wine shipping and tax compliance information in one place with our fully integrated system.

We’ve partnered with the alcohol industry’s top compliance companies, ShipCompliant & Avalara, to bring you accuracy, visibility and control over your compliance needs. Easily set-up your shipping account, login to Corksy,  connect your website and gain real-time compliance checks and sales tax rates on all orders.

Gain insights into which markets would be the best to sell your products and manage all your state licenses in one place. Our team of experts will even help you select which states to begin your DTC program with based on your winery’s growth plan.

Populate direct-to-consumer wine shipping information and tracking, with full integrations with FedEx, UPS & all others major shipping carriers.

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