Achieve Unparalleled
End-To-End eCommerce
For Your Winery.

Elevate every touchpoint of your winery's online journey. From a streamlined checkout experience to deep customer insights and compliant shipping practices, Corksy empowers you to blend the art of winemaking with the precision of modern eCommerce.

Best-in-Class Checkout Experience

Experience effortless checkout on all devices with Corksy. Benefit from quick add features, in-cart upsells, and easy cart views to boost conversions and revenue. Existing customers enjoy one-click checkout, while new shoppers see real-time pricing and a streamlined process.

CRM/Customer Management for Wineries

Transform visitors into loyal customers with our premier winery CRM. Centralize customer data by integrating eCommerce, POS, wine club, and marketing.

Understand customer preferences and habits, and use dynamic tagging for precise segmentation. Customize marketing with tailored insights and create detailed customer profiles for superior service and relationship management.

  • Understand customer habits and preferences for targeted offerings.
  • Use dynamic tagging for manual/auto customer segmentation.
  • Customize promos: activate, set requirements, dates, and types.

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Inventory & Product Management

Take control of your business by managing your products, collections, events and inventory in real-time with Corksy.

Our 24/7 visibility into order status and wine inventory empowers you to make data-driven decisions about future sales strategies. 
  • Easily add and categorize products on your site or tasting room.
  • Get real-time inventory insights for better service and strategy.
  • Transfer inventory between locations on any device.

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Promotional Items
and Discounts

Our best-in-class management system allows you to keep track of all past, current and future promotions in one spot, allowing you to monitor and analyze the success of all promotions.

Our fully automated system takes the worry out of manually applying discounts and organizes all promotions in a simple snapshot. Never worry about accidentally stacking discounts again!
  • Set up offers for products, events, and experiences.
  • View and filter active discounts.
  • Customize promos: activate, set requirements, dates, and types.

Analytics & Insights

Craft custom dashboards and analytics for effortless reporting and planning. Make informed decisions using real-time insights from online and offline customer interactions.

Our live dashboard aggregates website traffic, eCommerce data, wine club metrics, and marketing insights. Design and save tailored reports for immediate access to key performance indicators.

DTC Shipping and Tax Compliance

Manage your DTC wine shipping and tax compliance information in one place with our fully integrated system.

We’ve partnered with the alcohol industry’s top compliance companies, ShipCompliant & Avalara, to bring you accuracy, visibility and control over your compliance needs. Easily set-up your shipping account, login to Corksy, connect your website and gain real-time compliance checks and sales tax rates on all orders.
Gain insights into which markets would be the best to sell your products and manage all your state licenses in one place. Our team of experts will even help you select which states to begin your DTC program with based on your winery’s growth plan.

Populate direct-to-consumer wine shipping information and tracking, with full integrations with FedEx, UPS & all others major shipping carriers.

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