Reservations & Bookings

Use the built-in Corksy Reservation Tool to make winery reservations & bookings a breeze.

Integrate with wine tasting software such as Tock or CellarPass for seamless reservations & bookings management.

Whether you're managing online sales or in-house reservations, our cross-channel winery management software deducts from the same inventory pool so you’ll never oversell again.

  • Create and engage customers with customized events, highlighting particular descriptions, products listings, timeline, price, and more. Guest lists and events management has never been easier.
  • From a single dashboard, tie customer data into POS systems from eCommerce, tasting room, and wine club data for cross-channel inventory dependability.
  • Partnerships with Tock & CellarPass means you can spend less time on operations, and more on growth. Manage appointment-only physical events, wine tastings and vineyard tours in one platform.
  • Remain competitive with smart price adaptability, allowing you to easily set dynamic pricing rules based on changing consumer demands.

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