Reservations & Bookings

Use the built-in Corksy Reservation Tool to make winery reservations & bookings a breeze.

Allow customers to quickly and simply reserve tastings and events with our fully embedded reservation tool.

Whether you offer visits by reservation only, host winery events, or want to enhance the guest experience with an elevated tasting experience, Corksy’s built-in booking tool allows you to book and manage reservations in a convenient, organized manner.

  • Create and engage customers with customized events. Our user-friendly tool highlights event-specific descriptions, product listings, timeline, price, and more. If an experience is unavailable, customers can easily view alternatives.

  • From a single dashboard, gain insight into your customer from eCommerce, tasting room, and wine club data for a personalized customer experience.

  • Manage reservations with a simple overview of your winery’s bookings. 

  • Our built-in tool gives customers insight into their upcoming and past bookings within their winery account.

  • Remain competitive with smart price adaptability, allowing you to deasily set dynamic pricing rules based on changing consumer demands.

  • Our cross-channel winery management software deducts from the same inventory pool so you’ll never oversell again.

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