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Embrace the future of wine club and subscription management. At Corksy, we craft solutions that not only enrich the experience for your members but also elevate your club's operational efficiency. Every bottle, every member, every touchpoint - we've got it all covered.

The Power of Tailored Software for Wineries

  • Dive deep into a platform designed with an intimate understanding of wine clubs as pivotal sales channels.

  • Harness full-scale software, meticulously crafted to grow and nurture your member base with solutions that revolve around the customer.

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Masterful Wine Club Management

Centralize your wine club operations on one intuitive platform, ensuring you grasp every customer interaction.
Amplify member growth and retention through advanced personalization, automated marketing, efficient tools, and a rewarding system.
Offer flexibility with both traditional and customizable club plans, empowering members to craft their perfect subscription.

Crafting Memorable Wine Subscriptions

  • Let your customers indulge in automated shipments, ensuring they never run out of their cherished wines.

  • Provide the luxury of previewing and editing shipments, mirroring the features of traditional and custom wine clubs.

  • Stay ahead with failsafe features, disabling subscriptions when product inventory drops, ensuring consistent service.

  • Enjoy the adaptability of our multi-use checkbox, allowing you to set the rhythm of your subscriptions, be it monthly, quarterly, or more.

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