Wine Club & Subscription Management

Wine Club Management Software & Subscription Tool


It’s no secret that wine clubs are a core sales channel for wineries. With the Corksy Wine Club Management Software & Subscription Tool, experience full-scale software to effectively manage all aspects of your wine club.

Wine Club Management


Manage your wine clubs from one easy-to-use platform that is focused on understanding your customer from every touch point. From new memberships to email communications, our platform aims to increase member retention and growth using optimized personalization and a built-in rewards system.

  • Customer choice options enables club members to choose from a multi-tiered pre-picked plan or to customize their own.
  • Offer winery discounts and tasting room perks as an incentive for new sign-ups. Give customers the option for delivery or tasting room pickup.
  • Personalize email communications with our built-in marketing automation software, from new member sign-ups to club member upsells and loyalty points.
  • Manage all club processing including recurring invoices, automatic credit card updates, custom welcome packages, and email correspondence.

Personalized Wine Subscription


Expand your customer reach with our all-inclusive personalized wine subscription management system. This online only option is great for your loyal cross-country customers who don’t need tasting room perks.

We’re created a modern subscription tool that gives customers the freedom to choose a customized subscription package or a pre-selected bundle of your choosing. Give customers the option to pause or cancel at any time with customizable monthly or quarterly subscription payments.

  • Hassle-free subscription management means you can easily enable or disable products or collections on the platform.
  • Let us do the work for you with our failsafe feature, which will disable subscription options if your product inventory falls under a set number of your choosing.
  • Our multi-use checkbox feature allows you to customize the frequency of your subscriptions, such as monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and more.

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