Elevate Your Wine Marketing with Smart Automation

Dive into a world where every marketing touchpoint is tailored, every email campaign is precise, and every customer feels seen. With Corksy, transcend traditional wine marketing by harnessing the power of automation and integration.

Seamless Connections
with Top Platforms

  • Merge with renowned email marketing platforms like Klaviyo and Mailchimp through Corksy.

  • Benefit from an automated marketing strategy that not only saves time but is also geared to boost sales.

  • Ensure your marketing communications are consistently on point, reaching the right audience at the right time.

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Strategic Customer
Insights & Outreach

  • Leverage dynamic segmentation of customer data to craft a more personalized and effective winery marketing approach.

  • With Corksy's advanced tools, filter and tag your customers, understanding their position in the buying journey.

  • Send the perfectly timed and relevant communication, ensuring you meet your customers exactly where they are.


Crafted Campaigns for Every Customer Segment

  • Fully utilize Corksy's integration to dynamically tag and segment audiences, pushing them into your chosen email marketing platform.

  • Initiate targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with each customer segment.

  • Enhance engagement by using pre-built segments, like those who've abandoned carts or recent purchasers.


Harness External Campaigns with Ease

  • Use Corksy's export feature to seamlessly download customer lists, granting flexibility in your marketing outreach.

  • Easily integrate these lists into external marketing campaigns, ensuring no customer is left behind.

  • Further amplify your reach by utilizing automated email flows, crafted from Corksy's dynamic segmenting capabilities.

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