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Winery Holiday Marketing - Gift Sets and Wine as Gifts. This photo shows a wrapped present in front of a basket containing a bottle of wine and 3 wrapped gifts.

Holiday Marketing Strategies for Ultimate Success

Introduction to Holiday Marketing Strategies As the holiday season sparkles on the horizon, wineries are gearing up for a season [...]
a happy woman holding her credit card, indicating that she is making an online purchase and showcasing winery customer retention

10 Winery Customer Retention Strategies for Post-Black Friday/Cyber Monday Success

Introduction: Ensuring winery customer retention is paramount for maximizing wine sales. As the excitement of Black Friday and Cyber Monday [...]
Digital Marketing as text with a graphic showing digital channels over a blue background

Winery Digital Marketing Guide

In today’s world, mastering your winery’s digital marketing is crucial for success. As technology shapes consumer behavior, wineries must adapt [...]
a women on her phone shopping with christmas decorations

12 Holiday Campaign Ideas Wineries Should Run in December to Sell More Wine

'Tis the season to uncork success and sell more wine! December is the perfect time for wineries to engage customers, [...]
2 glasses toasting with red wine. The background shows a happy woman as she looks to the man that is out of camera.

10 Strategies for Maximizing Customer Loyalty: The Art of Post-Purchase Engagement

Post-purchase engagement plays a pivotal role in fostering customer loyalty and turning one-time buyers into repeat customers. This blog explores [...]
image highlighting simplified winery black friday sales. The image shows a woman shopping online with an overlay of a promotion entered onto a device for seamless checkout

12 Tips to Maximize Your Winery Black Friday and Cyber Monday Success

The countdown is on! As the biggest shopping weekend of the year approaches, wineries have a golden opportunity to boost [...]
a robot and a man's hands in a handshake, demonstrating how AI for wineries can be a partner

AI for Wineries: 7 Ways to Use AI for Marketing and Sales Success

In today’s digital age, wineries must adapt and embrace new technologies to thrive in a competitive market. Whether you’re a [...]
a group of four people in a vineyard with glasses of wine, toasting to each other

Boost Your Winery Revenue with Events

Wineries have a unique opportunity to go beyond selling wine and create unforgettable experiences for their customers. Special winery events [...]

Corksy’s Enhanced Product Listing and Industry Best-in-Class Checkout

Introducing Corksy’s game-changing product listing and checkout enhancements! Unlock revenue growth and reduce abandonment. Our sleek, mobile-optimized product page with [...]

Uncorking Holiday Success: 10 Marketing Tips for Wineries

As the holiday season approaches, it's time for wineries to shine in the festive market. We've compiled 10 strategies to [...]

Cultivating Customer Relationships in the Wine Industry

Building and maintaining strong connections with wine enthusiasts and loyal patrons is not just a strategy; it's a vital component [...]
a group of friends laughing and enjoying wine together

Customer Retention Strategies: Keeping Wine Club Members Happy

When it comes to the wine industry, one thing is clear: cultivating loyal customers is as important as the perfect [...]

Uncorking Success: 10 Tips for Wineries to Prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner. To help you make the most of this retail holiday [...]

Save Time While Maximizing Your Wine Club Revenue with Corksy’s Enhanced Club Tools

Designed to save you time and resources, our enhanced wine club tool streamlines the club management process, making it easier [...]

Crushing It: Boosting Your Winery’s Labor Day Weekend Sales

Labor Day weekend is a prime opportunity for wineries to uncork their creativity and maximize sales. Whether your customers are [...]

10 Essential Email Sequences for Wineries to Enhance Customer Engagement

Email marketing is a powerful tool for wineries to connect with their customers and build strong relationships. Crafting effective nurture [...]

UTM Tracking for Wineries – Maximizing Marketing Success through Data Insights

What is UTM tracking, what it means for wineries, and why it plays a crucial role in boosting marketing effectiveness.

10 Tips for Attracting Zillennials to Your Wine Club

Effective tips and strategies for capturing the attention and loyalty of Generation Z and Millenials, aka Zillennials.

Your Q4 Checklist to Sell More Wine

From marketing strategies to operational efficiency, we’re here to help you prepare for Q4 with our comprehensive checklist.

Uncorking the Benefits: Why Every Winery Should Have a Blog

In today's digital age, effective marketing is crucial for wineries looking to establish a strong brand presence and reach a [...]

DtC Marketing Strategies and Tips for 2023

As the wine industry continues to evolve, establishing a strong DtC presence has become increasingly crucial for wineries of all [...]

Abandoned Carts: How to Capture the Sale

Abandoned carts are a common occurrence in eCommerce. Here we discuss common reasons behind abandoned carts and how to capture [...]
Selling a bottle of wine in a wine shop

Sell More Wine in Your Tasting Room

Strategies to encourage more wine sales to maximize revenue and create a memorable experience for your tasting room visitors.

Best Practices for Winery Website User Interface (UI)

A clean, intuitive user interface can be the key to capturing the attention of wine enthusiasts, nurturing long-lasting relationships and [...]
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