Your Q4 Checklist to Sell More Wine

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Your Q4 Checklist to Sell More Wine

Maximizing your wineries sales in Q4 involves various factors, from marketing strategies to operational efficiency, and we’re here to help you prepare with our comprehensive checklist.

📈 Analyze Your Data

☐ Analyze past sales data to identify trends and anticipate customer preferences.

☐ Look back at campaigns from previous years (if applicable) and review the success of each campaign. What were your open, click, and unsubscribe rates for different emails? What campaigns generated the most revenue?

☐ Review your sales by channel reports to identify your products sold by month through eCommerce, tasting room, and any other sales channels you have.

☐ Create segmented audiences based on previous holiday shopping trends for best results. Who purchased from you in previous Q4s? Which customers ships to multiple addresses during the holidays? Who shops during your Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday sales?

☐ Review successful and unsuccessful campaigns from previous years.

🍾 Stock Up On Products

☐ Review your current wine & merchandise inventory, particularly top-selling wines and merchandise.

☐ If your winery sells holiday-themed merchandise or special gift items, be sure to place your orders now to ensure they are in your inventory with photos and descriptions before the season begins.

☐ Ensure you’re stocked up on popular wines to meet the increased demand during the holiday season.

☐ Make sure you’re set on supplies for holiday shipping – packaging, shipping tape, bubble wrap, etc.

🎁 Create Special Holiday Packages

☐ Create one-click shopping options with special gift bundles. Ensure to meet various price ranges to encourage shoppers with varying budgets.

☐ Consider creating unique holiday-themed packages for customers hosting events, such as a wine package that perfectly pairs with Thanksgiving meals or a New Year’s package complete with a champagne stopper and flutes to go along with your sparkling wine. 

☐ Offer personalized labeling or gift-wrapping options to enhance the gifting appeal and simplify the gifting process.

☐ Create corporate gifting packages. Offer nicely packaged gift sets at a variety of price tiers and reach out to business owners and vendors to promote them.

Tip: Include the cost of the gift packaging before discounting your bundles.

📅 Establish a Marketing Campaign Calendar

☐ Outline your Q4 goals including revenue goals, sales by channel goals, or wine club sign-up goals.

☐ Plan your Q4 campaign calendar so you can execute targeted marketing campaigns during the holiday season. Here is a sample email campaign calendar for Q4 to get you started:

☐ Utilize social media platforms, email marketing, and your website to promote special offers, events, holiday gift guides, and limited-edition releases.

☐ Create a holiday gift guide (digital and/or print) to encourage guests to begin thinking about holiday shopping this fall. We recommend having this in your tasting room and on your website by October.

☐ Collaborate with local businesses to cross-promote products and events such as holiday markets, photo shoots with Santa, special dinners, holiday concerts, and more.

☐ Use paid advertising to increase awareness of your holiday gift options. See our tips for winery advertising here.

🛒 Optimize For Online Sales

☐ Optimize your website for mobile users, ensuring a seamless online shopping experience anytime, anywhere.

☐ Implement an easy and secure checkout process to reduce cart abandonment rates (and ensure you have a cart abandonment recovery flow in place to increase cart conversion!).

☐ Consider creating landing pages for your campaigns to direct customers to your holiday gift guide or top-selling products for simplified shopping.

📦 Know and Share Shipping Deadlines

☐ Be sure to highlight carrier shipping deadlines on your website, in your email marketing, and on social media to increase customer satisfaction and reduce delivery issues.

☐ Ensure timely and reliable shipping and processing (whether through your winery or a 3PL) to meet holiday deadlines.

☐ Offer free or discounted shipping promotions early in the season to incentivize online purchases and increase average order values.

🌟 Leverage Your VIPs

☐ Promote your wine club at checkout both online and in your tasting room to increase repeat sales.

☐ Offer exclusive perks and discounts to club members during the quarter to encourage holiday shopping at your winery.

☐ Host club member event(s) and encourage members to bring guests. Think about all of the family visiting during the holidays and looking for things to do!

☐ Processing your club in Q4? Add a special incentive for wine club members to add additional bottles to their club shipment.

🎟️ Plan Holiday Events

☐ Organize special events, tastings, and winery tours during the holiday season. 

☐ Don’t forget about virtual events! Plan special holiday virtual wine tastings with the winemaker, wine pairing tutorials, and any unique events to include customers across the nation in your holiday events. 

☐ Collaborate with local event organizers to host wine-related events in your area.

🍷 Train Staff to Provide Recommendations

☐ Train your staff to provide excellent customer service, product knowledge, and upselling techniques.

☐ Encourage your team to suggest wine pairings for holiday meals and gatherings.

☐ Include a special holiday shopping code in your tasting room shopping bags to encourage additional sales.

✨ Show Your Customer Appreciation

☐ Show appreciation to loyal customers with personalized thank-you notes or special offers.

☐ Consider sending a holiday card to your top customers with a special promo code to encourage repeat sales.

☐ Surprise your top 5-10 customers with a special bottle of wine or a thoughtful gift to show them your appreciation.

🥂 Leverage Collaborations and Partnerships

☐ Collaborate with local restaurants, hotels, or businesses to feature your wines on their menus or shelves.

☐ Participate in wine festivals and local holiday events to expand your reach.

☐ Consider working with a social media influencer to increase brand awareness and drive more holiday sales.

🎄 Create an Inviting Holiday Atmosphere

☐ Create a festive and welcoming atmosphere at your winery with holiday decorations and music. Consider offering mulled wine to visitors in December.

☐ Encourage locals to beat the holiday lines at local malls and shop at your winery while enjoying a fun, holiday atmosphere and of course, wine!

☐ Add some holiday spirit to your website with holiday-themed images and videos.

☐ Update your social media with holiday-themed cover photos, holiday product images, and links to shop your gift guide.

Remember to review and update your strategies based on the performance of previous years. Flexibility and adaptability are essential in ensuring success during the holiday season. Cheers to a successful Q4!

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