3 Essential Email List Hygiene Tips for Wineries

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3 Essential Email List Hygiene Tips for Wineries

We’ve heard through the grapevine how proper winery sanitation is one of the most important aspects of quality wine production. Your email list contacts are no different when it comes to your wine email marketing campaigns.

What is list hygiene you might ask? When broken down into layman’s terms, list hygiene refers to the cleansing of your email lists based on users who are inactive, bounced and unengaged.


Source: Oxford Languages

Cleaning up your lists helps tremendously with email deliverability, engagement metrics and revenue to your bottom line. Here are a few tips on strengthening your list hygiene to send the right emails to the right people:

1. Remove Inactive Contacts:

You might be asking yourself, what makes a contact inactive? And how will I be able to determine when a user is considered inactive?

We recommend creating a logical workflow to identify inactivity across your subscribers. For example:

  • Subscribers who haven’t opened in the last X days
  • Subscribers who haven’t opened the last X emails

Once established, you’ll be able to remove subscribers who no longer engage with your emails.

“But what if I have removal paralysis?”

We love this question and totally understand that it may be hard to remove a subscriber altogether. Put on your marketing cap and try re-engaging subscribers with different campaign strategies. For example:

  • Test different deals or promotions in the header, description, or both
  • Test different messaging personalization in the header, description, or both
  • Trigger a response from the subscriber with a removal warning in (you guessed it!) the header, description, or both

If your win-back campaigns are a bust, simply remove the subscriber from your active email lists altogether without removing the contact entirely.

The bottom line: a healthy email open rate hovers around ~15%. Once you’ve confidently removed inactive contacts, remember to take your clean list and continually test new campaign strategies to achieve higher engagement metrics.

2. Unsubscribe Button(s):

Including an unsubscribe button is an easy and effective way to prevent your emails from ending up in the spam folder. It’s also important to note that it is required by law for Mailchimp and Klaviyo users to include an unsubscribe button.

Have no fear – both platforms have a default unsubscribe link across email templates such as the example below.

Personalization is also available for any wineries that are looking to spice up their testing strategies. For example, try describing to the user how to unsubscribe at the top of the email or implement content that makes it extremely obvious to unsubscribe.

The main point to remember is that the unsubscribe button is your friend. By utilizing more painfully obvious ways for consumers to opt-out, you’ll be sure that you’ve built a list of consumers who WANT to hear from you. Watch your email deliverability and engagement grow.

3. Double Opt-In:

Let’s have a quick definition comparison here. What’s the difference between single and double opt-in?

  • Single opt-in means users are added to your email list after subscribing through a pop-up on your site or email capture form.
  • Double opt-in means that the subscriber is sent a confirmation email with the goal of re-confirming opt-in before adding to your list.


Double opt-in helps to validate that consumers genuinely want to hear from your winery, while preventing bots or fakes from being added to your lists. Win win! Find instructions on how to enable double opt-in below:

AND remember, set a timeline for cleaning your mailing list quarterly (or on a timeline that works for your brand!). This strategy will ensure your email lists remain efficient and active. Post-email hygiene clean-up, check out these 6 optimizations tips for your email content.

Like what you see? We’re committed to ensuring that the Corksy family (& beyond!) have the right tips and tricks to get the most out of your digital efforts.

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