DtC Marketing Strategies and Tips for 2023

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Direct-to-Consumer (DtC) Marketing Strategies and Tips

As the wine industry continues to evolve, establishing a strong DtC presence has become increasingly crucial for wineries of all sizes.

Here are some strategies to explore for your winery’s DtC efforts:

📖 Craft a Compelling Brand Story

People love to feel a connection with wine. Craft a captivating & authentic narrative that reflects the history, people, philosophy & uniqueness. Show your passion & values to create an emotional connection. Take customers along on your winery’s journey & give them a peek behind the scenes. Tell your story through your website, social, tasting room, retail shelf, branding – the opportunities are endless!

🌎 Create an Engaging Online Presence

Create a visually appealing, user-friendly website that showcases your wines, vineyards & experiences. Regularly update your blog & social with engaging content that educates, entertains & entices (💡”edutainment”). Create content for the different platforms – think about what users are looking for on that platform & tweak your content to fit.

📧 Leverage Email Marketing

Developing a targeted email marketing strategy is essential. Send exclusive offers, first access & personalized recs based on their preferences & shopping history. Encourage customers to join the email list on your website & in your tasting room.

🥂 Enhance the Purchasing Experience

Make shopping for your wine as seamless as possible. Think about the entire experience from a customer’s POV. Is it easy to find your winery online? When a customer is on your website, is it simple to search for wines, browse offerings, view descriptions & complete checkout on any device? This may seem like a no-brainer, but not every wine eComm platform is created equally, so be sure to find one that enhances the overall user experience.

🤝 Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Create a wine club to attract & retain a loyal customer base. Experiential perks are increasingly popular, so be sure to think beyond the discounts for your benefits. Show genuine appreciation for their support & consistently exceed their expectations. These VIPs will become your brand’s best ambassadors!

⭐️ Embrace Influencer Collaborations

Partner with influencers, wine bloggers & industry experts to expand your reach & credibility. This doesn’t mean you need to hire expensive influencers. Start by looking at your audience & find potential influencers who already love your wine/brand & form organic partnerships. Their authentic reviews & recommendations can significantly impact consumer perceptions & purchasing decisions!

🗣️ Foster Community Engagement

Encourage user-generated content with photo contests & branded hashtags. Include invites to follow your accounts & hashtags in your order emails & print collateral. Make sure you’re actively engaging with your customers on social. Check on tagged photos & search your brand on social sites (incl. TikTok — even though alc brands cannot have accounts, you can engage with relevant content using a personal account).

📈 Data & Analytics

Understanding your audience, customer trends & purchase patterns is critical for implementing DtC marketing strategies. Use CRM system(s) to track & analyze customer data. Gain insights into purchasing patterns, preferences & customer LTV to tailor your marketing efforts effectively.

🔑🔑 Having the tools through a wine-centric, scalable platform to do all of the above (and more!) is key.

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