Save Time While Maximizing Your Wine Club Revenue with Corksy’s Enhanced Club Tools

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Enhanced Wine Club Software to Drive More Revenue

We’re thrilled to unveil the latest upgrade to Corksy’s Enhanced Wine Club, bringing you an even more seamless and efficient wine club experience from start to finish. Designed to save you time and resources, our wine club tool streamlines the club management process, making it easier than ever to provide exceptional service to your members while driving more revenue.

Build and Process in Five Minutes or Less

The end-to-end wine club experience has never been smoother. You’ll be able to build, open, and process a wine club in under 5 minutes – yes, you read that right! Our platform also enables you to effortlessly add features to your club that cater to your winery’s unique needs. 

Increased Club Revenue

Our enhanced wine club module is designed to maximize your club’s revenue potential. By giving customers the ability to customize, they’re more likely to add to their shipment, and studies show they’re more inclined to purchase additional wines during open club shipment months. You can even incentivize higher order values by including free shipping at a certain bottle or dollar threshold.

Streamlined Customer Selection

The Customer Selection page boasts a slick, user-friendly design, ensuring an intuitive and enjoyable experience. Customers can seamlessly customize and enhance their shipment packages, confirm payment and shipping information, and make changes up until the processing date. Auto-generated emails keep customers informed every step of the way – from selection saved to card processed and tracking details ready.

Corksy Takes Care of the Details

Simply create the package with chosen wines, then click “process card” on the closing date – that’s it. Corksy handles order customizations, email notifications, history, addresses, payments, and integrates with Sovos and Avalara for compliance. You can also bulk-process cards, generate labels within the platform, or export for 3rd party fulfillment, saving time and reducing send-backs and failed payments.

Inventory and Revenue Management

Corksy tracks expected revenue based on default order volume and real-time customer customizations. This predictive capability allows you to strategize using upsell tactics, ultimately leading to increased case values. You can also maintain inventory predictability by capping the number of bottles available for purchase per order based on your current inventory. Inventory deductions are made per product once the card is charged, streamlining your operations further.

Experience the Future of Wine Club Management

Work smarter, not harder. Less time spent on administrative tasks means more time devoted to delighting your members. Say goodbye to headaches and hello to efficiency! For more information or to schedule a demo, reach out today.

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