Uncorking Corksy: Digital Growth Series #1

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Uncorking Corksy: Digital Growth Series #1

👋 Corksy community,

Are you ready to uncork your potential and drive unprecedented growth for your winery? If so, we’re excited to introduce you to our new newsletter:

Uncorking Corksy: Digital Growth Series.

In each issue, we’ll be sharing the latest tips, strategies, and insights to help you supercharge your business growth. From marketing and sales to customer experience and retention, we’ll cover it all. The theme of this week’s newsletter is:

  • The power of real-time customer data
  • How to create a quick, high-converting email loyalty program
  • Wine club promotion strategies

Bookmark this page for easy reference as you uncork your potential with Corksy.

– Corksy Growth Team

Use real-time customer data to make better marketing decisions:

The SVB State of the Wine Industry Report 2023 reported that the top marketing tactics for wineries include email lists, subscriptions & wine clubs.

What do these all have in common? Your customer’s and their behavioral data.

By having access to real data and insights, wineries can be more confident in their decision-making and avoid making costly mistakes. Corksy’s end-to-end eCommerce platform can:

  1. Simplify tracking. 1 centralized platform to track wine inventory, DTC sales, financial data, customer data, wine clubs, bookings, loyalty. You get the picture. No more manual tracking, just increased accuracy and efficiency.
  2. Create a website that sells. No need for developers. Our website builder helps you sell more wine. Pre-built templates, unlimited customization, mobile-responsive, seamless checkout experience, built for speed.
  3. Empower your targeted marketing brain. Segmenting your audiences based on their purchase behavior and preferences can open up a world of possibilities for growth. Segment by customers, abandoned carts, wine club members, and more to personalize your marketing offers.
  4. Pump customer data from our tool into others. Use your segmented audience lists to pump customer data to Klaviyo or Mailchimp to create tailored email marketing campaigns. Need help getting started? Keep reading for a quick email template below. 

Craft a fast, high-converting email loyalty program:

Building an email-based loyalty program for your best winery customers could have an incredibly high ROI. We’ve broken down the steps below:

Step 1: Create two loyalty offers based on your customer’s purchase history:

  • Customers purchased 3 times over the last 90-days get 15% off their next purchase
  • Those who purchase 5 times over the last 90-days get 20% off their next purchase

🚨 Tip: Don’t overthink your loyalty segments and offer. Consider targeting the top ~10% of your customers by repeat purchases or highest order values and create an offer that converts to more sales.

Step 2: Create an email that combines personalized copy (Hi {First Name}) with a large call-to-action (SHOP NOW). It feels personal but gets straight to the point.

🚨 Tip: Personalization helps create a more “human” element behind your automated emails. Consider using “I” instead of “we”.

Step 3: Test urgency in your offer by adding in details about promo code validity or that the promo code can be used for your last X bottles of your vintage wine.

🚨 Tip: Use our email template below for easy deployment.


{YOUR FIRST NAME} from {YOUR WINERIES NAME} here. You’ve shown a ton of support for {YOUR WINERIES NAME}, and I just wanted to thank you for being a fantastic customer.

To say thank you for choosing our wines, here’s a code for [discount percentage or amount] off your next purchase. To use it, simply enter the promo code at check-out on our website or in our tasting room below.

This discount is valid for [validity period] and can be used for any of our wines, including our new releases. Cheers!

vip discount and shop now call to action for loyalty email template

Wine club promotion strategies:

wine club promotion strategies guide

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