Uncorking Corksy: Digital Growth Series #2

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Uncorking Corksy: Digital Growth Series #2

👋 Corksy community,

We’re onto our 2nd week of Uncorking Corksy: Digital Growth Series! For anyone that’s new here, stay tuned for weekly insights on tips, strategies, and tactics to help you supercharge your business growth. The themes of this week’s newsletter is:

  • Use pop-ups to increase wine sales
  • Create one piece of content, distribute infinitely
  • Increase the longevity of your club members

Bookmark this page for easy reference as you uncork your potential with Corksy.

– Corksy Growth Team

Use pop-ups to increase wine sales:

Wineries can benefit from using popups strategically to increase conversion rates and drive sales on their website. If you show people the same popup each time they visit your site, you may miss out on opportunities to push visitors closer to a purchase, increase wine club memberships, or to visit the tasting room.

To optimize the use of popups, wineries can experiment with different types of popups and measure their effectiveness. Corksy’s website builder makes it easy to set-up these pop-ups, with a robust list of pop-up templates that can be customized to match your wineries brand and messaging: where to find corksy pop-up templates in website builder
corksy website builder pop up templates

🚨 Tip: Watch our video tutorial on how to find & implement pop-ups on your Corksy website!

how to find and implement pop-ups on corksy website

In addition to pop-ups, Corksy’s website builder offers a range of other features that can benefit wineries, such as an easy-to-use, customizable eCommerce platform, SEO tools, email marketing integrations, and more.

Try out the pop-ups on your website to see how conversion rates improve across wine sales, newsletter subscribers and wine club memberships!

Create one piece of content, distribute infinitely:

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, wineries need to make the most of their content. That’s why the concept of “create once, distribute infinitely” has become so important.

The idea is simple: create a piece of content, and then repurpose and distribute it across multiple channels to reach the widest possible audience.

To get started, wineries should create a high-quality piece of content, whether that be a hosted event, blog post, video, or something else entirely. Then, you can break it down into smaller pieces and tailor each piece to a specific platform.

For example, let’s say you host a special event for your VIP wine club members. Whether it’s in-person or hosted virtually, think about all the ways this event could be distributed into content:

1. Record videos of the in-person event or use a virtual hosting software to record the event

🚨 Tip: Smartphones are an easy way to record videos of winery events. Throw in a tripod and a lavalier (both inexpensive) and you’ll see just how easy it is in creating better content on your site.

2. Transform snippets of the event into a series of social media posts across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and more (Bonus! Sharing images from your VIP events is a great way to increase engagement and referrals from featured customers!)

3. Use the video content in your email newsletter to entice individuals to sign up for your wine club membership

4. Add the video content to your dedicated wine club page to really showcase the experience of being a wine club member

🚨 Tip: Use our favorite free tools to easily get inspired and create infinite content. Perfect for beginners.

The opportunities are endless! By repurposing content in this way, wineries can reach different audiences across multiple channels, without having to constantly create new content from scratch. Who doesn’t love saving time and resources, all while maximizing the impact of their content?

Increase the longevity of your club members:

Not to toot our own horn, but we’ve created a wine club software that’s both easy to navigate and intuitive to a winery and club members needs. Whether you’re starting out or updating your wine club, check out the Corksy wine club features below:

✅ Customer Choice vs. Winemakers Choice: Customize your package with the option for Customer Choice or Winemakers Choice. Provide a unique and personalized experience to make your club members feel valued, leading to higher retention rates and increased word-of-mouth marketing.

difference between customer choice vs winemakers choice in corksy wine club software

✅ Club Member Preference Questions: Provide an interactive experience with your members with customer preference questions. Better engage with your wine club customers and tailor each shipment to their unique taste to increase club member satisfaction and loyalty.

🚨 Tip: By offering customers a range of preference options such as different types of cheeses or chocolates, you can create an interactive experience that allows you to understand your club members on a personal level.

Use these customer preference questions to get started:

  • Do you prefer red or white wine?
  • Have you tried any of our wines before?
  • Have you ever tasted any wines from this region before?

Club members will be able to check off their preferences right from their account (see below):

customer member preference question example for customer facing

✅ Wine Club Marketing:
Use your club member preferences to better engage with your wine club members. Send personalized gifts for anniversaries, deliver personalized email communications, send tailored wine club shipments, and more.

Designed to cater to the needs of both beginners and those managing programs for multiple brands. Our user-friendly platform streamlines wine club personalization and allows you to focus on what matters most – providing an exceptional wine experience for your members.

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