Uncorking Corksy: Digital Growth Series #7

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social creature wine client success story with corksy

Uncorking Corksy: Digital Growth Series #7

Hi, Corksy community!

This edition, we’re excited to have one of our Corksy clients, Katrina Laemmerhirt of Social Creatures Wine, as a guest writer discussing three ways she’s uncorked Corksy!

The three topics Katrina will explore in this edition are:

  • Telling her story with Corksy’s web builder
  • Selling more wine by bundling products
  • How Corksy’s easy order fulfillment tool helps her small team

Bookmark this page for easy reference as you uncork your potential with Corksy.

– Corksy Growth Team

About Social Creatures Wine:

Social Creatures Wine is an up-and-coming natural wine brand built by Katrina Laemmerhirt in 2021. The brand was created to share the stories of people who took a risk, followed their dreams, and inspired her journey in wine. Their mission is to unite one another through wine and craft 100% naturally-made products. Meaning, they support organic farming, wild yeast fermentations, and no other additives. Katrina has traveled to South Africa, Chile, Bolivia, and Peru in pursuit of obscure vineyards, studying their unique climates and practicing the art of old-school natural winemaking. Community, collectiveness, and diversity are at the forefront of their operations.

Telling our story with Corksy’s web designer:

Telling our story is an incredibly important part of our brand. We are successful when we can properly portray our story through a creative and one-of-a-kind website. We want the freedom to design a site, exactly to our preference, with lots of visual components. Hand in hand, we need a partner that makes website design easy to use. As a small team, we need to be able to make changes ourselves without having web design expertise. And as a busy winemaker, I need to quickly be able to add new products, photos, and other creative elements. Corksy’s built-in web designer allows us to do all of the above in a simple, drag-and-drop design tool.

Social Creatures About - Tellt

🚨 Tip: Our favorite tool in the website designer? Business widgets. Now we can easily & efficiently add online scheduling, map, contact form, and reviews to a page.

Sell more wine with bundled products:

Creating a bundle of products has helped us sell more wine. Instead of having customers choose the number of bottles to purchase, we have created 4, 6, and 12 packs. Since we all know shipping costs are high, we want to avoid incentivizing purchases of 1-3 bottles. We also push more customers to purchase 4+ bottles for higher AOV.

To do this in Corksy, we created new product SKUs that bundle together wines and include the shipping price. This way, when customers check out, we can show a shipping charge of $0, which lowers the sticker shock of wine shipping costs. Although the shipping costs are baked into the bundle price, we subsidize the shipping costs on both ends.

How can you do this for your brand? Start by creating a new SKU on your products page. Add the price of all wines, including shipping. Add a weight that is far beyond the actual weight. For example: 100lbs. Why? You will then want to create a manual shipping rate that says all orders over 100lbs will receive free shipping.

If you have UPS or FedEx shipping enabled, the real-time rate will show at checkout along with your manually created rate.

The customer will need to select the free shipping option at checkout.

🚨 Tip: For marketing, we’ve added a banner to all website pages that says, “Shipping included in all bundles.”

Free shipping can also be achieved with a promo code, but we wanted to create a real-time incentive to purchase more wine.

Easy order fulfillment to save time:

Fulfilling an order with Corksy couldn’t be easier! As a small team, we need order fulfillment to be a seamless experience, especially on the customer-facing side. Corksy’s platform notification system delivers automated email reminders once a customer has purchased an item:

  • The customer receives an automated email that the order is in progress
  • Our winery receives an automated email that an order is ready to be fulfilled

Then, I can go into my Corksy portal and create a shipping label on the same screen.

Our business uses a 3rd party shipping service that fulfills our orders. Therefore, I will forward the order to my shipping partner, and they will physically ship the order. Once the tracking number is in my inbox, I enter this number in my customer’s order information. They are then automatically notified by Corksy that the order is on its way with tracking details included.

Corksy automatically changes the order status and updates the customer records within their portal. For example, if they are a repeat customer, this information will automatically be tracked and made available in remarketing segments that we can push to our email marketing platform.

🚨 Tip: Watch our video tutorial on how to segment your Corksy audience data to use in email marketing campaigns!

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