Elevate Your Wine Tasting Events with New Promo Codes!

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Elevate Your Wine Tasting Events with Corksy’s New Promo Codes!

When it comes to wine tasting events, creating memorable experiences and building customer loyalty are key. At Corksy, we understand the importance of offering enticing discounts to wine enthusiasts, and that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our latest feature: Wine Tasting Discounts with Promo Codes. With this new addition, you have the power to craft unique promotions for your wine tasting events, whether it’s free tastings, discounted rates, or something entirely creative.

Tailored Wine Tasting Discounts

Corksy’s Wine Tasting Discounts are designed to provide you with the flexibility to create promotions that suit your specific goals and criteria. Here’s how you can make the most of this exciting feature:

Promo Codes or Automatic Discounts

With Corksy, you have the freedom to choose how you want to apply your wine tasting discounts. Create a promotional code for your customers to enter during checkout, or opt for automatic discounts that are applied seamlessly. It’s all about making the process convenient for both you and your customers.

Exclusive for Wine Tasting Events

One of the unique aspects of Corksy’s Wine Tasting Discounts is that they are specifically tailored for your events. These discounts come to life when a member or non-member is checking out using the Corksy Wine Tasting widget. This means you can offer special perks to those attending your events without affecting the eCommerce cart.


Membership Benefits

Wine club members are in for a treat with automatic discounts. They can enjoy the benefits of your wine tasting promotions effortlessly. It’s a great way to reward their loyalty and keep them engaged with your events.


Non-Member Opportunities

But what if you want to extend the wine tasting promotions to non-members as well? Corksy has you covered. Simply select the “discount code” option, and you can offer these fantastic discounts to a broader audience, attracting new customers and expanding your reach.

Customize Minimum Requirements

Every wine tasting event is unique, and Corksy understands that. You can choose to set minimum requirements for your discounts to be applied. Whether it’s a minimum purchase amount in dollars, a specific quantity of items, or no minimum at all, you have the control to tailor your promotions to your event’s specifics.


Set the Duration

Whether it’s a weekend event or a month-long celebration, Corksy lets you decide how long your wine tasting discounts will be available. It’s a handy feature that allows you to plan your promotions in advance and create excitement around your events.


Get Started Today!

Are you ready to elevate your wine tasting events with Corksy’s Wine Tasting Discounts?

Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Access Your Dashboard: Log in to your Corksy account and navigate to the wine tasting event settings.
  2. Select Your Discount Type: Choose between promo codes or automatic discounts, depending on your preference.
  3. Customize Your Discounts: Set your criteria, whether it’s for members, non-members, or both. Customize minimum requirements and choose the duration of your promotions.
  4. Watch Your Events Thrive: Sit back and watch as your wine tasting events become even more enticing to wine enthusiasts, both existing customers and newcomers alike.

With Corksy’s Wine Tasting Discounts, you have a powerful tool to create buzz around your events, reward your customers, and drive attendance. Start crafting your unique promotions today and toast to successful wine tasting events! 

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