Enhanced Notifications for Wine Club Packages

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Enhanced Notifications for Wine Club Packages

At Corksy, we’re constantly working to provide our clients with the tools they need to enhance their wine sales and customer interactions. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce an exciting update that will transform the way your customers engage with their wine club packages: our new design for Customer Choice and Winemaker Choice notifications.

Instant Alerts for Customization or Processing

Imagine this: You’ve just opened a new wine club package, and you want your customers to know about it right away. With Corksy’s email notifications, you can simply do just that. These notifications serve as a bridge between you and your customers, letting them know that their wine club package is ready for either customization or processing, depending on your club’s offerings.

Detailed Order Information at Their Fingertips

Our revamped email notifications are all about transparency and convenience. Now, when your customers receive an open package email notification, they’ll find detailed order information right there in the email. This includes the default (pre-selected) wine order, pricing details, and shipping and billing address. It’s a snapshot of their wine club experience, delivered straight to their inbox.

Effortless Customization

We’ve made it easier than ever for your customers to customize their orders. With the new design, they can view their default order within the email itself and simply click to log in to their Corksy account for customization. It’s a seamless process that empowers your customers to tailor their wine club experience to their liking.

Step-by-Step Help Guide

But that’s not all. We understand that sometimes your customers might need a little guidance. That’s why we’ve included a step-by-step help guide within the email. It’s like having a personal wine club assistant at their fingertips, ensuring a smooth and stress-free customization process.

Reduce Sendbacks with Address Warnings

One common challenge in the wine industry is dealing with incorrect shipping addresses. Corksy’s got you covered here, too. Our enhanced notifications feature direct warning messaging, helping to reduce the number of order sendbacks due to address issues. It’s a simple yet effective way to improve the delivery experience for your customers.

Coming Soon: Custom Messaging

And that’s not all! We’re continually working to enhance your customer communication capabilities. Soon, you’ll have the option to add custom messaging to your email notifications. This means you can convey your brand’s unique personality, special offers, or any other information you want to share directly through these notifications.

Get Started Today!

Ready to leverage Corksy’s New Design for Customer Choice and Winemaker Choice Notifications? Here’s how:

  1. Check Your Settings: Log in to your Corksy account and review your email notification settings to ensure you’re taking full advantage of this feature.
  2. Engage and Delight: Watch as your customers receive informative, engaging, and convenient email notifications that enhance their wine club experience.
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