Transform Winery Compliance Management with Our Admin Portal Feature

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Corksy, the leading wine club management platform, is excited to introduce a groundbreaking feature that transforms winery compliance management within your admin portal. Our new Compliance Error Messages in the Admin Portal feature empowers administrators to address compliance issues swiftly and efficiently.

Real-Time Alerts: Enhancing Winery Compliance Oversight

Receive real-time alerts within the admin portal, highlighting orders that fail compliance checks. This feature provides instant feedback, ensuring that compliance issues are promptly addressed.

Product Compliance Issues: Detecting Across Platforms

Our tool can identify a range of compliance issues, especially those related to non-compliant products. Whether you use Corksy’s manual compliance software or third-party integrations like ShipCompliant or Avalara, this tool seamlessly detects issues across all platforms, offering detailed explanations and prompt solutions.

Address Validation: Ensuring Accuracy

In addition to product compliance, the tool validates whether the customer’s chosen shipping address aligns with the admin’s settings. Any mismatches trigger an error message with a detailed explanation.

Payment Editing: Flexibility for Corrections

Address compliance issues stemming from payment discrepancies by adjusting payment information directly within the portal. This tool allows administrators to modify payment details and re-run the card to ensure seamless transactions.

On-the-Spot Correction: Streamlining the Process

Unlike traditional backend solutions, our feature empowers administrators to make necessary changes on the spot. Modify shipping addresses, add or remove products, and adjust payment methods directly from the portal in response to compliance issues.

Reduced Customer-Admin Communication: Enhancing Efficiency

By catching and addressing compliance issues in real time, this feature minimizes the need for extensive communication between administrators and customers. Streamline the compliance management process and improve overall efficiency.

How to Use Compliance Error Messages in the Admin Portal:

  1. Access the Admin Portal: Log in to your admin portal on the Corksy platform.
  2. Navigate to Orders or Wine Club: Access the orders section to view a list of all orders.
  3. Review Alerts: Look for or filter orders marked with compliance alerts (ERROR status).
  4. Edit the Order: Click on the flagged order to view the compliance error message and specific issues. Make necessary changes directly within the portal.
  5. Save Changes: After editing, save changes to ensure the order meets compliance standards and can be processed as usual.

Benefits of Compliance Error Messages in the Admin Portal:

  1. Real-Time Compliance Checks: Ensure all orders comply right from the admin portal and never worry about processing a non-compliant order.
  2. Efficiency: Streamline compliance management by making edits directly within the portal.
  3. Reduces Customer Frustration: Minimize customer frustration and abandoned carts by resolving issues proactively, leading to an increase in wine sales.
  4. Saves Time: Reduce the need for extensive customer-administrator communication, allowing administrators to manage compliance more efficiently.

Discover the future of compliance management with Corksy’s Admin Portal feature. Revolutionize the way you handle compliance, ensuring seamless transactions and happy customers. Visit Corksy to explore this innovative solution today.

Learn more about our Compliance Integrations and connect with Sovos or Avalara to get started.

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