Simplifying Wine Club Management: Introducing “Manual Assign Membership”

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Simplifying Wine Club Management: Introducing “Manual Assign Membership”

At Corksy, we’re constantly working to make wine club management as effortless as possible. We’re excited to introduce our latest feature, the “Manual Assign Membership” tool, designed to give you more control and flexibility in managing your wine club memberships.

Why “Manual Assign Membership” Matters:

The “Manual Assign Membership” feature empowers administrators to add customers directly to wine club memberships from the Customer Tab. This means you can now provide a more personalized experience for your valued customers and extend special privileges or exclusive offers with ease.

How to Use the “Manual Customer Addition” Feature:

1. Navigate to the Customer Tab: Start by logging in to your Corksy account and heading to the Customer Tab. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive list of all your customers and their details.

2. Select the Customer: Locate the customer you wish to add to a wine club membership. Click on “Actions,” then select “Assign Wine Club.”

3. Add to Wine Club Membership: On the customer’s profile page, you’ll now see an option to “Add to Wine Club Membership.”

4. Choose the Wine Club: If you have multiple wine club memberships, you’ll be prompted to select the specific wine club to which the customer should be added. Simply choose the appropriate club.

5. Set the Primary Details: After selecting the wine club, you can choose the delivery preference—shipping or pickup. Then, select the appropriate shipping and billing address that will correspond to their shipments, along with a valid credit card. You’ll see a list of all addresses associated with this customer for easy selection.

Benefits of Manual Customer Addition:

Personalization: Craft tailored experiences for specific customers, ensuring they receive the wines and offers that suit their preferences.

Gift a Membership: Assigning a customer to multiple wine club tiers is a breeze. To gift a wine club membership, use the customer’s primary payment method with a different shipping address. Please note that a customer cannot belong to two identical membership tier types at the same time.

Extend Membership Privileges: For new customers who might have missed the initial sign-up, you can easily add them to the wine club using this feature.

Efficiency: Streamline your wine club management without the need for customer involvement, making your administrative tasks smoother and more efficient.

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